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Cosmic Saout System @ Facebook Artists 22 Jul '18 
Free party for free people

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Forestar Festival Artists 24 Mar '18 
The nordic light and the people become One, in a loving dream

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Oliver Russ ELECTRONIC MUSIC & LIVEACT Artists 8 Dec '17 
New Songs available from Oliver Russ on OR7Records

New LIVEACT 2018 is coming out + + + + Info&Booking:


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Sethryus@facebook Artists 5 Nov '17 
Sethryus – Dj Bio
Sethryus arived on planet earth in the country Romania, in Sibiu. His passion for psychedelic music started 1 year ago. After discovering Goa way at the first party he played, he started to understand the hight frequencies of what Goa means. He combines old-school Goa with new-school Goa and creates a astonishing story between all the listeners. He’s part of the Cronomonium c...

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· · · Artists 14 Oct '17 
Ori was born in 1984

I discovered my passion for electronic music when i was 13 years old and i herd for the first time a psychedelic trance session which were very popular back then.

One of my first memories and maybe the one who lighted the spark was when a friend let me listen to an

amateur track that he made on "Reason"

.Five mutinous later I worked on my first bass...

That was...

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jkob production Artists 20 Aug '17 

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Ain't no snail - alternative fashion Artists 5 Jul '17 
Alternative fashion handmade in Germany!

Goawear, avantgarde, rave, hippie, blacklight fashion for men and women

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· · · Artists 19 Jun '17 
Y Welcome ;-)

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otox-music Artists 9 Jun '17 
Meine Website soll dazu dienen, alles nötige zu meiner Person als (Dj) OtoX zu bekommen. Ich bin stehts bemüht möglichst auf dem neusten Stand zu bleiben, um euch als User bzw. Fangemeinde, immer auf dem Laufenden zu halten. Ich habe sogar ganz "old school" ein Gästebuch, welches man auch füttern kann. :) Falls euch dennoch Etwas auffallen sollte , was fehlen könnte, einfach email an mich .... jed...

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WhoKnowsWhoCares Artists 15 May '17 
experimental, ambient, drones, dub, acid, kraut, avantgard electronic artist with psychedelic influences... formaly known as #waktu loopa
based in berlin, producer, dj, sound artist,

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· · waktu ·, Artists 30 Jan '17 
Im producer and dj, please listen to my new psymbient set called Naturama, I have also some psy trance, ambient, electronic tracks to hear on my soundcloud account. If You are interrested inviting me to participate in Your project or party please do not hasitate to contact.

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· · · Artists 15 Jan '17 
a new psytrance tv program
focussing on artists, festivals and psychedelic arts

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604pal @ facebook Artists 31 Dec '16 
GoaPal is a Belgian goa Dj who truly mixes individual tracks into an innovative personal storyline to create an atmosphere of flow on the dancefloor. Like a guide who takes the crowd on a journey along musical heights.

To GoaPal Dj'ing is a form of art, blending all types of goa, from acidic to melodic, from new school to old school. He presents his own creative interpretation of the producers'...

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57music Artists 18 Dec '16 
music of my soul

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GOA Party Deko Team Niedersachsen Artists 16 Nov '16 
Die passende Schwarzlicht Dekoration für Euer nächstes Event. Taucht ein in unsere querbasStelte Welt und lasst Euch mit auf eine visuelle Reise nehmen.

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Fakirs from the South Artists 22 Oct '16 
Literally translated from Serbian, our name means ’’Fakirs from the South’’.

We hold strong sensations, both sensual and supersensual, as our sacrament, as the essence of life itself. We delve ever deeper, always searching for the new and unseen trough multiple levels of reality, showing that, just like in fairy tales, exclusion cant exist between the natural and the supernatural.

We are wan...

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Liquid Spirit Beats Artists 11 Oct '16 
This is a event site. we kann manage your party and can Dj booking. contact us

Otox Audio Artists 11 Oct '16 
This is the artist page of OtoX. When real interest, you can contact me there under contact email

Dj Moksha Soundcloud Artists 15 Aug '16 
Check my music. Psytrance, Psy Progre, Fullon

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QuerbasStelte Farben - Dekoteam Artists 14 Aug '16 
Für Deine Party oder Dein Event die passende Schwarzlichtdekoration. Wir verwandeln die Lokation in eine tolle psychedelisch Schwarzlichtweld.
Goa Party Dekoteam Niedersdachsen und Deutschland

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