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MiXoLiCiouS is an audio hosting and streaming service where you can upload and share your tracks, remixes, and DJ mixes as an alternative to SoundCloud.

It offers many advanced features such as high quality audio, effects, visualizations, and integrated tipping.

The service is also dirt cheap and the best place to park your music for eternity, with no recurring payment or subscriptions requi…
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  Here at the place is the music studio.     There is an exercise room with about 20qm which can also be used for recording. Inside are allready some instruments, amplifiers and a JBL PA-system.   Downstairs in the basement is the climatized audio studio room. The audio server is connected via fiber optics…
UfoNotFLY's profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share.
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Making Music · 22 Nov 17
Musikproduktionen und kreative Arbeiten
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Goabase Producer Battle 2017
Akasha-Records is a completely independent Musiclabel from Switzerland.

Akasha-Records was born in 2013 and is located in Solothurn Switzerland
The label's name are very spiritual and mystical. It is an Idea for a project, to transform everything to a frequence that allows to go home to the ONE. Focused in new genres of music and the organized happyness. The artists at Akasha-Records create…
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Prototype OF God is a psytrance-metal project. Hot Fuzzion is the first track of a collection of songs, the compilation called "Psychedelic Extravaganza".
NINAD - Primivite Garden
Lisergic Experiences
YEHUDI - Groove Technology
Demented Frequencies

Bolivia Psytrance Community ..!!
This mix are a speciale one to works with all kinds of subtances, it is not only for acid. I create a compilation that works for all Party Freakz & fraggles ...
Released and unreleased music and background info of Karuna (Synergetic Records)
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PaRaGraF Zwo Acht Zehn

[click here]
On we have loads of free psychedelic trance oriented downloads.
All sounds are in WAV / 16bit audio and songs are usually in MP3 192KB

FREE ALBUMS - by QPA, 3...
FREE TRACKS - by QPA, many...
SAMPLES - for pro psy music production, hundreds....
PSY LOOPS - optimized for electronic music production, loadz of 'em
SEARCH ENGINE - customized for music production
BOOKING - Please…
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We sell psytrance and progressive sounds for producers.
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Ajnavision is a ambient/chillout label from Sintra- Portugal.
Our vision is focused in developing, releasing and promoting ambient/chillout music with new portuguese and worldwide artists.
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Suche DJ´s für Live Acts. Vocal Body Instrumental Percussionen, Akustische Spezialeffekte. Very Groovy :-)
Eigenkompositonen, Featurings, World Music, Improvisationen, Live Acts
the official Madboojah Project website:)) come and see photos, video from live shows and hear the beautiful music
dimoe als Künstler auf Last.FM
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2 Promomixe, 2 Tracks, Booking Info, Pics and FuN ...........
MP3 zum downloaden gegen 1 guestbookeintrag :) :) :)

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Welkom bij Globalbass Entertainment, het impresariaat voor muziekproducties, festivals en evenementen.

Globalbass opereert op internationale schaal. Niet alleen biedt Globalbass haar artiesten een podium in Nederland, zij biedt middels haar netwerk deze artiesten een podium over de hele wereld.

Als frontrunner, organisator en expert op het gebied van muziekproducties levert Globalbass een…
Kreative Mucke von mir....-===;;;}
So hab mich mal hingesetzt und meinen eigenen kleinen track zu machen :) Ich dachte mir wo sonst krieg ich für sowas kunstruktive Kritik also bin ich mal auf Goabase gekommen :D
dies ist eine seite die man spirituel selber erforschen muss...
A Website with articles and resources about audio interfaces for music production.
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Making Music · 20 Oct 09
eine dj community auf der ihr meine mixe hören könnt.
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Making Music · 5 Sep 09
Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3 Mp3
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v. a. • kaleidoskopolis [cosm003cd]
… excursions in psychedelic urbanism

1 Electric Sheep Machine
2 Metabreed Metabreak
3 6th Floor Dawn Of A New Error
4 Oddsono Moody
5 Paraphonix Daze 2 Be
6 Sunburned & Paranoid Golden Strings
7 Paraphone Born to Live
8 Spirallianz Isn’t
9 Strawberry Fields Beyond The C…
Online UK store providing High Quality Djembe, Bougarabou, Dundun Drums and Didgeridoos. All prices below RRP and Free Shipping on all orders over £100.
spiele alles
Ein Projekt, das hier ursprünglich auf Goabase entstand. Aufgabe und Ziel der Psytrance Workbase ist es, gezielt Wissen, Erfahrungen und Tipps rund um die Themenschwerpunkte Audio, Producen, Mixen, Mastern, Synths, Effects sowie Grafik und Visuals zu vermitteln, bzw an andere User oder Member weiter zu geben. Dazu gibt es reichlich psychedelisch orientierte Workshops und Turorials.... Try it :)
Multiplex Records is a netlabel for electronic music, which is based in Mecklenburg Vorpommern/ Germany and primaly influenced by psychedelic trance, progressive trance and ambient/chillout. With this label we will promote mostly unknown artists of this genres. You can download our multiplex releases in best audio quality.


Making Music · 29 Jul 08
Hey Leute!!

Ich traue mich einfach mal und Poste hier meinen Ersten eigenen Track!!
Er is net Perfekt, ich selbst höre jedesmal wieder das ich was ändern könnte.

Für Ideen, Anregungen und Konstruktive Kritik bin ich immer Dankbar!!!
Electronic music production and psytrance resources based around the project called Qubenzis Psy Audio. Music Custom Search Engine (CSE). Loads of links. Articles about recording and anything related to the world of psy. Sample loops. Blog. And, hopefully, more user input. We try to feature new Psytrance artists. DJ Mixes and more. Everybody welcome.
Alle Infos findet Ihr auf unserer Seite. Also schaut doch eifach mal vorbei...

Search my Forum for Useful threads from isra trance in`s a tutorials about music creation and other funky stuff..

enjoy! !
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G-Sonique,digital instruments: Producer of psytrance bassline synthesizer Alien303 ! VSTi
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LIVEact "VATI ORGANI" WebSeite mit allen infos zur person, parties, relaeses und mehr...
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real analoge synthesizer !