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50 Festivals
Festivals are bigger outdoor events with a camping area, shops, food and more than one dance floor. A festival takes about 36 hours or more.
26 Open Airs
An Open Air event is smaller than a festival and takes below 36 hours. Could be also any small outdoor party.
11 In- & Outdoors
"In- & Outdoor" are party events with dance floors in- and outside.
25 Indoors
Indoor party events with mostly several floors, not regulary dates, sometimes in club locations.
3 Clubs
Club events are regular weekly or monthly in the same club location.
2 Virtual Events
Live streams, video events, virtual dancing, Second Life parties.... all forms of open online events at a fixed time.

New Events

Party Flyer Kundalini Contact 19 Jun '21, 13:00
Sa., 19 Jun 2021
In- & Outdoor · Starts in 5d 22h
Party Flyer FORESTDELIC SOLSTICE 19 Jun '21, 20:00
Kyiv Oblast
Sa., 19 Jun 2021
Open Air · Starts in 6d 5h
Party Flyer Lichtblicke OA 18 Jun '21, 22:00
Aus den tiefsten Tiefen des Kaninnchenbaus.../Rhein-/
Fr., 18 Jun 2021
Festival · Starts in 5d 7h
Party Flyer Cyberdelic: Reconnected 30 Jul '21, 12:00
Fr., 30 Jul 2021
Fr., 10 Sep 2021
Open Air

New Meeting Points

Party Flyer Lichtblicke OA 18 Jun '21, 22:00
Aus den tiefsten Tiefen des Kaninnchenbaus.../Rhein-/
Fr., 18 Jun 2021
Festival · Starts in 5d 7h
Party Flyer DESTINATION GOA-REVIVAL 11 Mar '22, 20:30
Fr., 11 Mar 2022
Party Flyer FLOW EXPERIENCE 2021 - Feel Love On Weekend (F.L.O.W.) 8 Jul '21, 20:00
Wiener Neustadt
Th., 8 Jul 2021
Party Flyer Spirit Base Festival 2021 17 Jun '21, 18:00
Th., 17 Jun 2021
Festival · Starts in 4d 3h
Party Flyer Psy Island Festival 2021 2 Sep '21, 18:00
Th., 2 Sep 2021

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