Goabase Netiquette / Rules


Goabase Netiquette / Rules

A brief summary of the rules:
Be respectful towards to others.

Generally the following rules for public posts (report, meeting point, comments, forum, party etc.) should be considered. In addition there are individual rules in the posting forums which can supplement or override those here.

Moderators are not obligated to justify or explain why a contribution has been deleted or a member banned. If a member is of the opinion that their contribution has been unjustifiably deleted they can reason and justify with the web master via a personal message. The sense, meaning and purpose of individual rules can be discussed in the forum.

The "No-No's":

  1. Fascism, racism, discrimination: We do not tolerate fascist, racist and extremist content or web links. We also do not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of disablement, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion or other groups and factors.
  2. The insertion and entry of in-copyright material and protected works is not permitted!
  3. Spam and advertisements are unwanted. Those who want to present their on-line shop, CD or other projects can do this via the {page:link_add}.
  4. Never write about drugs and their consumption. The scene has to fight against enough prejudices; therefore we do not want to promote these prejudices in any form.
  5. Be aware that children and young people can also read Goabase. Sexist material and any glamorisation of violence must therefore be avoided.
  6. Private messages may only be published with the permission of the sender and/or be published completely anonymously.
  7. Harassment, stalking, insults, obscenities and defamation are all forbidden.

Rules and tips for getting along with each other

  1. Irony, Sarcasm, joking remarks: Such expressions can be misunderstood and can therefore very easily and frequently lead to arguments. Therefore these expressions are to be marked. "[irony on] remark [irony off]" is usual or " remark " at the beginning and end of the contribution. Use smilies ) etc when making jokes or playful remarks.
  2. You should not argue in public. Disagreements are to be clarified by private message.
  3. Do not write excessively long contributions, nor enter whole web pages or post complete articles. With articles which are on-line please write only a short summary and include the link. Double entry posts can be deleted.
  4. Remain objective and realistic. Particularly with political discussions or other serious topics one should always retain a cool head and answer objectively - stick to the facts.
  5. Meaningless formulations and nonsensical entries are not helpful, disturb the thread flow and contribute nothing to the actual topic. Exception are naturally fun and playful and/or non-sense threads in the forum which are content-wise recognizable as such.
  6. Excessive ASCII character chains ("ornaments) are unwanted, just as is the attempt to achieve a minimum breadth of the text by repeating the same or similar character over and over again, whereby the visitor is forced to scroll horizontally.
  7. A forum thread or a Party Meeting point is not a chat facility! Those who want to chat please use the Shoutbox or IRC chat #goa.
  8. If a posting really annoys or upsets you then you may naturally also express that. However you should always remain friendly!
  9. Remain polite: Simply because you can write easily and quickly does not mean you can be impolite.
  10. Forum threads, Meeting Points etc. can become confusing, therefore one should remain, whenever possible, on topic.
  11. Full-stops and commas help with the clarity of posts. Likewise, the content should be well subdivided into paragraphs.
  12. If someone wants to *highlight * or _point something out_ one can use asterisks or underlining.
  13. A lot of exclamation marks really annoy readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe not????????????????????
  14. YOU ARE SHOUTING WHEN YOU USE CAPITAL LETTERS! And when you shout you have already lost both your temper and the argument.
  15. It is really annoying if someone makes a contribution without punctuation marks and writes things in such a way which means people have to think hard to understand what the person is really trying to express or mean and additionally tend not to use more-or-less Standard English and write in unusual dialects which really frustrates and confuses people.
  16. Never write and post something in the heat of the moment: Each message should be calmly read through and only then sent.
  17. Repeating a whole message (quoting) is considered as impolite. Only the part to which the answer refers should be quoted.
  18. Simply because someone is an experienced user does not mean such a member can pick on a beginner who does not adhere at times to the netiquette. Admonishing such members is task of the moderators. One can, of course, give their opinion to the member calmly and objectively.
  19. In every case: Don't feed the Troll

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Stand: 07.05.2009