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Der Temple Chat ist wieder am start! Mal sehen vielleicht wirds ja wieder wie damals, oder sogar noch besser! Greetz, Templer
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· · · is a community Platform about Psytrance a.k.a. Psychedelic Trance. Psytrance Artists, Music, Festival News, DJs, Radio and Forum
Our dream is to create a big travelers community that help each other travel smarter and get know the place before you even think off taking off. Join us, fell free to add events of your own state and keep us update about upcoming parties, our discussions forums are open let’s get to know each others, you can add your travel story under the community tab on the menu.

For any a…
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I'd like to cordially invite the denizens of goabase to join my new Discord server. Since the Psychedelic Music community hasn't had much presence on Discord, I figured I'd start a server. I've already invited other fans from Discogs and the various Facebook groups, as well.

In addition to the standard chat channels, we have special Radio voice-channels where anybody can play music for the othe…
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· · rogueyoshi ·
☆ॐ♡ DarkPsy / Hightech / Electronic ♡ॐ☆

My homepage! find all my set´s and links there.

An list with all next Gigs, or kontakt me at my Email:

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· · Eric Psywalker ·
Hier geht es um die Zusammenführung unserer gemeinsam geliebten Musikkultur und um Verständnis untereinander und für einander.
String Art-Lycra-Backdrops-SilliconWorks-ThemeWorlds-UV Light | Das Paranormale Netzwerk

Ein Forum für Übersinnliches und Geister Erscheinungen.
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Gebrauchtes, Selbstgemachtes und Szenetypisches - ein Online-Flohmarkt von der Szene für die Szene. Jeder ist herzlich willkommen seine Sachen anzubieten oder in den Angeboten zu Stöbern
Visionary surreal artwork on posters & canvas, uv active prints on apparel, tribal jewelry and leather design fashion.
privates profil von rudegirl★★★

☆☆☆ "Stimmung? Stimmung? - ich verlange keine Stimmung in mir, ich will Ton." (Sophie Mereau, Betrachtungen) ☆☆☆
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Social network like goabase ohne goa für alles andere an elektronischer tanzmusik.
minussinus is on Mixcloud. Join Mixcloud to listen to minussinus's latest podcasts, radio shows and DJ Mixes. Mixcloud is free and really easy to get started.
Sadhu Djinn is on Mixcloud. Join Mixcloud to listen to great podcasts, radio shows and DJ Mixes. Mixcloud is free and really easy to get started.


Social Network · 13 Oct '12
BASS & BUNT versteht sich als gewaltfreie, mobile Spaß-Fraktion mit ernsthaften Anliegen.
Wir beteiligen uns an ausgewählten Demos und Aktionen in Norddeutschland.
Ihr könnt uns auch zur Bereicherung Eurer Projekte einladen.

Meinungsbildung und gesellschaftliche Statements verknüpfen wir mit unserer Lebens-, Musik- und Sozial-Kultur sowie unseren Ansichten.

BASS & BUNT ist eine Plattform…
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· 1 · Raven ·
Paranoid Mysterys (musik events)
(PM) Facebook Gruppe
Event Termine
Dj`s ( Artists )
Line Up
Chat usw ..... ...
Startet my "Like-page" on Facebook. You're welcome to visite.
Enjoy - djRangit
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· 1 · Dr.Rangit ·

Social Network · 13 Jun '12
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· · lola ·
A crazy idea of two open minds to gather psybient music fans.

If you are reading this, probably you are in love with psy or you just haven‘t faced that yet. We felt for it from the first note and now this relationship reached new level. We need home. Not anywhere, but in Berlin – the epicentre of European psychedelic society. This is a shorted story of how this psybient chai bar idea was born.…
[Fanpage + News]
damit dort auch mal ein paar user hingehen ;)
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· 1 · amalesh ·
Like us on FB to stay in touch with upcoming news on our show ... - Psychedelic/psytrance social network with lots of psychedelic art,psychedelic music, psychedelic videos and psychedelic literature.
As a producer or dj you can upload mp3s to your profile mp3 player.

Upload as much as you want :-)
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Social Network · 25 Sep '11
Website für aktive Künstler ,oder die welche Kunst gerne schauen& lieben :)
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· 1 · ૐ>>Djane LAURYNN ·
"Home" for the Belgian psytrance-, goa scene!
The Belgian Psytrance scene united in one website with events, galleries and a lot of social community features.
Das alternative Internet-Portal zur psychologischen Freundschafts- und Partnersuche.
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Social Network · 18 Oct '10
DReadlocks Herstellung,. Nachsorge, Beratung& Pflege
++Hilfe bei allen Problemen++
10Km von Aachen
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· 1 · littlefirefairy ·
Once you get into a genuine music collective, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. Look at: The Amplidudes. When this likeable messed-up bunch of buddies from the German Psy Trance hotspot Hamburg realized that their social environment was not only pretty much party addicted and able to hold its drinks but also remarkably engaged into producing music, the idea to join forces was obvious.…
Schaut einfach mal vorbei !!!

Vielleicht treffe ich so Gleichgesinnte !!!

Freue mich auf Euch !!!
An all encompassing one stop site about Goa. The creator guides you through the beautiful journey of the natural wonder of Goa, its beaches and its beautiful heritage, through this site dedicated to his birthplace is the most complete database of hostel information available anywhere online. The site lists all hostels for free and includes direct contact info for hostels and exclusive photos and reviews.
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Web site of electronic music, djs, interviews, videos, radio, Tv, forums .....
Focusing on psytrance and all forms of psy music, Psybeat is a psychedelic music community website, featuring forums, photos and psy party and festival listings.
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The aim is world Peace, everyone in the world eats peas on the 7th of march instead of killing each other, and the poor countries grow peas. Simple enuf. Give peas a chance and invite all your friends
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· 1 · mirkophil ·
hier mal meine myspace seite zum lauschen und stöbern... ;)
kommentare immer gern gesehn!!!!
...also viel fun dabei!

laute grüsse der manu
Hört mal rein guter sound für Partys ;-)
Mache aber kein Liveauftritt.
Behind the Project Argonnight are Ivan mitic also known as argon sphere this is may second project based on mainly to a slower rhythm ,progressive,techno,electro, etc......
you can also find me on facebook,soundcloud...... etc........ c ya.....good people...
best wishes...
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· 1 · Argon Sphere ·
Behind the Project Argon Sphere are Ivan mitic. They start producing full-on trance music in 2003 after a lot of experiments......and continues experimenting and evolving... :-))))
you can also find me on facebook,soundcloud......etc........c ya.....good people...
best wishes...
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