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Psymedia was founded in 2010 as a simple blog reporting on the Cape Town psytrance scene. In our first few years, we published hundreds of competitions, reviews and articles on the website.

Since then, the website has gone through several transformations, with new features added and some retired. Today, our primary coverage includes articles about CBD oil, Cannabis, Lifestyle, Gear + Tech, Fest…
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Magazines · 11 Jan '16
Born in the 60s and still discovering music. Bass Chillout Downtempo Dub Electronica Experimental House IDM Indie Psychill Rock Techno Tribal Urban and World Beats.
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Check out the latest interview with new emerging talent from the UK! Cutting edge psychedelic sounds with a feminine touch! Nikki S in mushroom magazine!
mushroom magazine is worlds leading magazine for Psytrance music & culture, available printed and online
NEW: with Sounds, Articles, picture channels, interactive festival-map, games, shops and a lot more... check it! 8)

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is here to present the latest information and news about psychedelic downtempo music (artists, labels, releases: albums, compilations, mixes) and events. Expect to find here interviews, charts, top 10. is here to present the latest information and news about psychedelic downtempo music (artists, labels, releases: albums, compilations, mixes) and events. Expect to find here intervie…
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· 1 · gagarinproject · Psychedelic Portal for trance music, art, culture, fashion, performances, events and daily fresh news of trance scene straight from Goa, info about the most attractive happenings in Goa freak's World and all the various sides of Psychedelic Culture that was born in Goa and to the people who choose Goa as their home and feel Goa Spirit deep in their hearts and consciousness.
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Maji e-mag aims to express how one of the today's extreme music concept Pychedelic Trance and the lifestyle roots out from the past.

Fans of this genre called as 'tech-hippie' have recently turned out to be representatives of a powerful electronic trance music genre which merges with the nature through worldwide festivals and open air gatherings.
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Electronik n hippie psyspirit....searching for open minds...

artists interviews (dj, producer, vj, association...)
low impact n eco reponsability


Magazines · 21 Nov '09
Galician electronic magazine with some Information about rave scene in Portugal and Galiza
A style is a categorical and typological construct that identifies musical sounds. You can read, write and edit the definitions on the psytraveller-wiki. Check it out!
- the world's most exciting art
- music, videos and online radio
- erotic, fetish and bdsm art photography
- foor for body, mind and soul
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Frenzy & Distortion - Psychedelic & Acid FanZine
Psychedelic Traveller is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. People of all ages, cultural and social backgrounds are writing Psychedelic Traveller's articles. Our goal is to compile the sum of all psychedelic knowledge into this website. You can help to complete this goal by contributing to our community.
Mixes,Events,12 genres,all party
One of the most important and representative psytrance collectives in Mexico, born in the sonoran desert as a party promoter and grown into a label with international projection
Türkiye'nin İlk Online PsyTrance
Dergisi (( E-MAG ))

quang cao

Magazines · 12 Jun '08
Wisdom center for Bhagavad Gita wisdom to fulfill all desires, secret science of yog, desire fulfillment online
Wie der Name schon sagt ! Lohnt sich !