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New Project with Music 4 you
Italian record label specializing in old-school Goa and psychedelic trance (psytrance).
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· · draeke ·
Handmade blacklight deco - stringart, spandex, carpets, masks, slipcovers, pixel, glowheads under UV-light bright from
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· · Psy Olaf ·
we love to design glowing mushrooms. 3d printed with sustainable PLA and arranged on carefully picked and finished driftwood.
take a look at our online shop, or say hello when you are @ zurich!
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· · pilzlicht ·
L-Design trying as close as possible to work on and with the customer so that he can implement his wishes and ideas in the digital area, such as graphics, video, animation, web design, audio editing ... so fast
Do you need Prints on Canvas or Photopaper, Flyer for your Party or a CD Cover, Logos or Banners for your Business and many more Stuff contact me or visit my Site: []
Download Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance, Progressive Trance, Goa Trance, Dark Psy, Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo, Psytrance México, Rave México, Rave en México, Germany, France, Italy, Descargar Download PsyTrance
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Graphik-, Video-, Webdesign & more
hi-tech & psychedelic parties, tunes, art, science n lifestyle..

for everyone who loves to get uplifted & mindblasted
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· · tronic ·
Freelance graphic designer
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· · layers ·
Hope u feel and like it. Feel free to like comment and/or share it. Every Picture can be ordered in High Quality and Photo Paper. I also produce personal Flyers or Logos for your Party or your Label.
Feel free to write me a Message.
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· · -={۞ l4z ۞}=- ·
Luk-Si Records is a Czech psytrance label create on December 11, 2013 (11.12.13).
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· · Newteck ·
Listen to sample tracks, music release promotions and download DJ & Live promotional sets. Enjoy the music.
Global Psybreaks Web Shop, worldwide resource for psybreaks releases, free downloads, podcasts, news, and merch.
Check our Facebook page for latest updates.
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· · Skroller ·
Spirited is a multi-cultural artistic synthesis, an extraordinary Live Act, created through the union of three multi-talented artists, specialized in creating consciousness-expanding organic music that triggers an orchestra of emotions while taking your mind on a psychedelic journey. The music is entirely self-created and cannot be verified by any genre of electronic music.
Flying Woofer publishes high quality electronic music of artists from all over the globe. This is the official Flying Woofer website. We offer most of our releases FREE in WAV quality!
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· · aghoritantrik ·
ARTiSTickS [ lOGO - flYER & OthER graPHiCAL DESiGn'S ]
Debut Album "Fish Dinner" by GastraxX now available on Beatport! =)
Fresh & Funky Mindmusic, playing with your perception.

The Armageddon Machine
psychedelic FullOn - psyTrance around 149 bpm
PromoSet - 2013
my tribute to commander Keen and the "good Bye Galaxy" - trilogy
~~ enJoy the ride
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