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Latest News - DAT Records Digital Art & Music 6. Sep 18 
Italian record label specializing in old-school Goa and psychedelic trance (psytrance).

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Cosmic Saout System @ Facebook Artists 22. Jul 18 
Free party for free people

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Artmox - PsyTrance artist at Plusquam Records Labelgroup Artists 16. Jul 18 
Artmox is an progressive psytrance act from germany and was founded in 2001 by Timo Müller. He discovered goa- and psytrance parties in his area in the year 2000, when he was 20 years old, and was instantly infected by its unique sounds and experiences. During the last years was he experimenting a lot with digital and analogue instruments to realize his own interpretation of music within psytrance...

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Tickets für Events, Konzerte, Theater, Festivals – TICKETINO Online Shops 25. Jun 18 
Günstige Tickets online auf TICKETINO bestellen. Festivals, Parties, Events, Konzerte, Messen, Kongresse. Keine versteckten Gebühren.

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Lisérgica 25 Organisation 18. Mai 18 
Colectivo de artes multidisciplinarias, hecho con el fin de difundir la producción cultural en toda su universalidad.

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Monotobi ॐ Psy • Goa • Hippie fashion Online Shops 16. Mai 18 
Onlineshop with psychedelic clothing for festivals and party like tie dye hoodies, shirts, yoga trousers, leggings, and belt bags, also shelfs with moon and sacred geometry prints.

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Psywork a project by Digital Art & Music 16. Apr 18 
Handmade blacklight deco - stringart, spandex, carpets, masks, slipcovers, pixel, glowheads under UV-light bright from

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Wasted Label ¦ Dj Buchen ¦ Schweiz DJ`s 2. Apr 18 
Hier können Sie Djs für Ihre Party oder Ihren Event Buchen. Wir bieten verschiedenste Djs mit verschiedensten Genres im Raum Schweiz und Deutschland an. Wir sind Professionell einfach und es gibt uns in allen Preissegmenten.

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Forestar Festival Artists 24. Mrz 18 
The nordic light and the people become One, in a loving dream

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Return of the Sun Parties 17. Feb 18 
Inspieriert von der spirituellen und herzerfüllenden Stimmung von belgischen Goa-Parties fanden wir uns zusammen, um Parties mit ähnlichem Energielevel in Berlin zu veranstalten. Denn sowas muss auch hier möglich sein! Musikalisch fokusieren wir uns hauptsächlich auf den originalen GoaTrance, der umgangsprachlich auch Oldschool genannt wird. Wir möchten euch eine schöne Zeit auf unseren Veranstalt...

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A Discord server for Psychedelic Music Fans Social Network 24. Jan 18 
I'd like to cordially invite the denizens of goabase to join my new Discord server. Since the Psychedelic Music community hasn't had much presence on Discord, I figured I'd start a server. I've already invited other fans from Discogs and the various Facebook groups, as well.

In addition to the standard chat channels, we have special Radio voice-channels where anybody can play music for the othe...

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minatrix music DJ`s 24. Jan 18 
Ein Link zu meinem Soundcloud Profil und wer lust hat kann ja einfach mal vorbei schuen!

ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯
ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯
Dj because I ♥ it!!!!
ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯
ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯
ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯ ૐ☮☯

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Psytrance Events Community - Online Travelers Community Social Network 24. Dez 17 
Psytrance Events Community Our dream is to create a big travelers community that help each other travel smarter and get know the place before you even think of taking off.

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Oliver Russ ELECTRONIC MUSIC & LIVEACT Artists 8. Dez 17 
New Songs available from Oliver Russ on OR7Records

New LIVEACT 2018 is coming out + + + + Info&Booking:


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Progressive Wave Records Booking Agencies 26. Nov 17 
Progressive Waves Records is a progressive psytrance label based in germany.

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57music Making Music 22. Nov 17 
Musikproduktionen und kreative Arbeiten

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Sethryus@facebook Artists 5. Nov 17 
Sethryus – Dj Bio
Sethryus arived on planet earth in the country Romania, in Sibiu. His passion for psychedelic music started 1 year ago. After discovering Goa way at the first party he played, he started to understand the hight frequencies of what Goa means. He combines old-school Goa with new-school Goa and creates a astonishing story between all the listeners. He’s part of the Cronomonium c...

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S.o.n.s@Nordfriesland | Mixcloud DJ`s 16. Okt 17 
S.o.n.s@Nordfriesland is on Mixcloud. Listen for free to their radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts

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· · · Artists 14. Okt 17 
Ori was born in 1984

I discovered my passion for electronic music when i was 13 years old and i herd for the first time a psychedelic trance session which were very popular back then.

One of my first memories and maybe the one who lighted the spark was when a friend let me listen to an

amateur track that he made on "Reason"

.Five mutinous later I worked on my first bass...

That was...

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3p Records Website Booking Agencies 14. Okt 17 
Psytrance scene are here for long time now the big change happen I think at 1992 when Israelis artists start to inspire the goatrance scene worldwide with a uniq style of sounds. many Goa hits release back then from Israel and played across the world.

today with a really massive digital release its getting hard to find good music, this is way we create this label company our Vision is create art...

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