San Nicolas del Puerto (Sevilla) · Spain
Open Air
Over: 6m 17d  · 

We are very happy to finally present the Red Dust warriors for the 2013 edition:

APHID MOON (Aphid Records) United Kingdom
AWWEN (Zero Gravity Records) Spain
BLACKSTARRFINALE (NeoGoa Netlabel) United Kingdom
CELS (Mimesis) Spain
ETNICA (Maurizio Begotti /Etnicanet Records/sfsibiza)
FUTURE ENERGY (Zero Gravity Records)Spain
HYPNOXOCK. (Sindar Productios)Spain
IMOX MAYA (Sumeria Records/Ibiza) Guatemala
LUPIN (Ovnimoon Records)Spain
NOVA FRACTAL (Ovnimoon Records) Croatia
PLEIADIANS (Maurizio Begotti - Etnicanet Records/sfsibiza)
PROTONICA (Iono Music) Germany
QUANTICA (Fliying Spores Records/IBIZA)Argentina
SPACE ELVES (Suntrip Records/) Bosnia&Serbia
THE DARK FACE (Zero Gravity Records) Spain

AROA (Spelelen Records/ Red Dust) Spain
ALEXSOPH (BMSS Records) Germany
ANOEBIS (Suntrip Records) Belgium
BASSLION (Sumeria Records Ibiza) Spain
BENBASS (Psyara)Spain
BIOFA (Namaha Recs / Sinergia)
BOOM SHANKAR ( BMSS Records) Germany
CÉSAR (Red Dust & Familiäria) Spain
CHIK'M (Glitchy Tonic Rec) Spain
CORTHES ( Zero Gravity & Red Dust)
DARK EL KANTE (6-D Sound - Random Rec )Spain
DIENEKES (Sinergia) Spain
DJ SALVA (Old School Goa Trance Dj Set 100 x 100 Vinyls) Spain
FLUOEF (Transition) Spain
FREE SOUL (Transition) Germany
HC Series (Psynestetic) Spain
HELL BLAU (BMMS/Transition) Spain
J-XTORSION (Dropland Recordings) Spain
KHAOSCOPE (Zero Gravity Rercords) Spain
KRISTIAN DEJAVOO (Dacru Records) United Kingdom
LORD FLAMES (Suntrip Records)Spain
LULL (Psylocibe)Spain
MATT LORAINE ( Psyco / Red Dust) United Kingdom
METAMORPHOSIS (Sita Records / Dimensional Records)Belgium
MRIKOBEAT (Inner lotus Rec./Ultravision Rec./GSG)
OBIT ( Zero Gravity & Red Dust) Spain
PSIBINDI (Aphid Records)
PSYSEI (La Roda)
PSYTOTIX (Dropland Recordings) Spain
RAL BMP ( Red Dust) Spain
REAL REACTION ( Sumeria Records Ibiza) Spain
STEVO (Suntrip Records) Croatia
SYNTRAX ERROR ( Biomechanix Records / Active Meditation Music) Belgium
SUPERSPUNK(Espelelen Records/Red Dust) Spain
TOXIK BOY(Fullmoongui )Spain
TRANSLUCID(Zero Gravity & Red Dust) Spain

Deco Team:
★Ganesha Space Garden (GSG)

Visuales Team:

★Hipnotica el arte de lo efimero

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Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla) Spain

Entry fee
We are closer to the Connection day by day.
And we began the second phase of the sale of the advanced tickets for only 30 €. Come on and feel the Connection!!!

Phase 3 (50 Early Bird Tickets) @ 35 € !!!
...via []

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Red Dust is involved since almost three years in a project in which we are thrown into the dream of music and the union of all souls who can reach to gather at the same point, hypnotized under the influence of the psychedelic culture. We love and support psychedelic trance, trance, Goa trance and psygressive, without losing contact with other dimensions of the same culture, like darkpsy, psybreaks or hitech.
With all our experiences “Connection” born last year. The last open air festival of the season and the celebration of the anniversary of Red Dust as a collective of Trance. A festival dedicated to the two greatest feelings that make the world go round: love and music. Merging bodies and souls through the sounds you love. These magical encounters make us to live a thousand adventures and experimenting infinity of feelings that will remain in our memories forever … Meet people from different places in the world and enjoy your music in a deep connection. WE WILL BE ONE dancing, surrounded by nature in an incomparable landscape over more than two days.
Music, respect, peace, nature and connection are our pillars. Our guides will be djs and musicians from all Andalusia, the rest of Spain and several points of Europe, supporting our love and admiration for trance music and setting free our minds and spirits. We will say good bye to summer and give our welcome to autumn with an unforgettable meeting.
Workshops, visuals, chill-out, main floor and a wide range of activities will be performed through these magical days of connection. Share your ideas and become a part of this adventure, your adventure, because all the people who love this music and the way to feel it: WE ARE ONE.

This year the meeting will be again magical in Southern Spain, the first weekend of October (4 to 6) and take you to another point of Andalusia, as we want the connection does not remain just a point of southern Europe. We will bring that energy created from the dance, the connection of souls and new experiences, as a roaming spreading light ... (Soon more info…)
You are an essential part in order to achieve the connection in this magical gathering. Remember that all is organized and conceived for your enjoyment, that´s why we would be grateful if you respect and take care of the elements that are part of the festival: decoration, animals, nature, throwing up rubbish in the bins, taking care of the other participants, being careful with the toilets and other facilities.
Organization: Red Dust
It was born in Seville as a collective in November of 2010 with the intention of spreading psychedelic trance and Goa trance in its artistic and musical dimension.
Nowadays, Red Dust has their own musicians and djs from Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Badajoz, London as well as decorators involved in the collective. Red Dust is a Cultural Association which expects to make known our artistic, social and philosophical work. We want to create awareness of our events in Andalusia, the rest of Spain and London. Our name Red Dust, it´s a tribute to the land we are standing on, which protects and sustains us.
Workshops and flea market:
We are opened to any suggestion if you are interested in setting up your stand, send us an email to explain us your activity, the products you would like to sell and an approximate measurement of your stand.
If you impart any knowledge, and you would like to share it with the audience in an altruistic way, send us an email and write us about that. The audience will be grateful and it will be a beautiful experience!!

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