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11m 9d#9LoisMan

Bad!Bad! Bad! A Disaster. Trash everywere. Unprofessional organizacion.
A production for an event of this kind that proved to be too disrespectful to its customers and profoundly unprepared. For this reason I felt more people at this festival, with 5000 people, than in others, much superior, with 8 to 10 times more people.
- Showers after two days had only dirty loundry, panties and sanitary towels as floor...all week accumulating.
- Toilets were never clean, without paper hygienic. What a smell, so the toilets next to the dining place ... spot for the puke as I sometimes saw.
- Excursions of people going to the forest to poop or pee, it was a mess of paper throughout the forest, in all green places, a real disgusted.
- The dining place, tables never saw cleaning all week, in the end it was already dried and glued food on them...people prefered eat on the floor...between the trash.
- Eusable cups in the confusion I believe I often drank from others dirty glasses, other mess and danger.
- Dance floor itself was a place full of rubbish...
The worst was the Festival ending as expected ... unfortunately, with over 1000 sick people, number I read ... visiting the local hospitals or those in their area of ​​residence.
Reading the organizers' comments, it was the weather conditions, some food providers or the truckers strike that promoted such, surely people like me that were there and say this in public with deep sadness and disappointment, were also the cause ...
An organization with a project that benefits from others that are more respectfull to the people and the land, cannot be made with so much amateurism. SHAME ZNA!

1y 1m#8The Hidden Artist

Before posting this on their events page I contacted the organisers via whatsapp, messenger and no avail:
In full trust I applied for a volunteering job with my sons, aged 15 and 22, as eco team...I was hoping to introduce them to the trance scene by working and partying simultaneously so they would become crew and trance lovers from the very start.

I told them that the trance festivals are mini temporary utopias in which we build community...unfortunately that was not the case and we had to leave early with a killer backache, vomiting our guts out and exhausted to the core:

Below you will find a list of problems we encountered and the solutions I can come up with:
I was told to hand-pick all the tiny rubbish on the land but there were no tools to help with that. I must have bent over hundreds of times resulting in a terrible BACKACHE.

SOLUTION: provide with adequate TOOLS for your workers. We are human beings not machines. Adequate tools are: brooms , rakes, dustpans and tongues with a long handle to microclean without bending the back.

We were told to clean the chillout felt floor. There was one old broom and nothing else...the dust cleaning it was incredible and tying a tshirt on to our face was not enough...we were COUGHING like crazy...
SOLUTION: cheap CLOTH MASKS will prevent breathing in the dust.

Our volunteering campsite was literally next to the main stage and during the break of the music we still had the main generators on our camping making it impossible to relax ever...we were supposed to stay there.

PROBLEM: total LACK of SLEEP resulting in exhaustion.

PROBLEM: INADEQUATE FOOD by a commercial kitchen run by volunteers:
WE WERE ALWAYS HUNGRY AND SPENT LOADS OF MONEY ON EATING IN THE RESTAURANTS...the portions were tiny...the food the same ingredients every day ... we were sick of it.
At some point they took most of the tables away to take them to the restaurant area and the volunteets were eating on the floor in the dust...

Feed your workers with love and give them good food so they have the energy to work for you. Treat them with respect and gratitude. They make it all possible alongside the workers and artists!

Volunteers help and paid workers do the labour...we were labouring for free ...taking commercial rubbish from the resraurants, without protection such as masks which may well be the reason we got so ill.

One night Narayan and Adam shifted 10 restaurant's rubbish by wheel barrow... every restaurant producing 250 kg at least of bottles, compost etc...2.5 tons of rubbish removal!


PROBLEM: THe shifts were far too long and left us exhausted and unable to take part in the festival.

A six hour shift labouring in the insane heat is a fulltime job: after our shift we went to sleep to wake up the next day, tired, waiting for our shift to begin...SOLUTION: A THREE HOUR SHIFT WITH ADEQUATE TOOLS SO PEOPLE CAN GIVE THEIR BEST and rest as well.

7) PROBLEM: We were supposed to work every day without a day off...THIS RESULTED IN EXHAUSTION.

PROBLEM: half the volunteers were dissappearing during work hours leaving the other half with the work load.
You will find people with references who come to work and learn but you will have to treat them correctly as you will be reviewed as well...

I was hoping for a mini utopia but found a mini Bangladesh...I hope it will be different next time!!!! People over profit!!! Pleaseeee
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1y 1m#7Psynized

Besides the truly amazing people and artists attending this festival, it was the biggest disaster ever!

Arriving at the airport, we were just in time for the shuttle bus. 1 guy checked bus and entrance ticket, there were around 1000 people in the line. Standing in the sun and feeling like shit. When we passed that guy, we were sent to another line, where the exact same thing happened, except the fact that he gave us the wristband. It took us almost 3 hours just to get into the bus. Its not the end of the world.. I know! putting 1 more guy and spread them out on 3 busses, would have made a HUGE difference!

We paid 1000euros for a Teepee, which on the website looks amazing. []

I have done festivals for many years and do not need anything, in order to be fine and comfortable. But this time, we decided to give it some extra and therefore rent a teepee. What we got was a Teepee directly in the sun. 1 flat air mattress and 1 sleeping bag. Nobody gave a shit! They blamed everyone else and after 3 days we got an extra mattress and after 5 days an extra sleeping bag. Remember.. We brought nothing because of the description on the website..
We had no soap
No light (the first 3 days)
Reception crew was gone from around 11 in the evening.

Because some of our friends cancelled, we had to change the size of the teepee.. We paid 30euro for the change. (Twice! Our fault I know) It became very clear, that also this was a scam. All Teepee's was the same size.. Just a matter of adding or removing an air madress. And at our arrival, the location and Teepee number was something they just gave us at arrival. Totally random. "Quote" You can haaaaaave... Teepee number 50

Eventually we reached the festival boss, and showed him pictures of the teepee etc. He blamed subcontractors and didnt really wanna talk. He felt like doing something, and offered us a ZNA T-shirt is compensation.

Toilets didnt have toiletpaper for days.

Toilets didnt get emptied or cleaned for days.

Toilets was located less then 100meters from the foodmarked, and resultet in a flie outbreak, which I have never seen before.. Day 1 and 2 was normal, but the following days was horrible..
No place to wash your hands after toilet visit

Trashbins was not emptied and resultet in mountains of plates with food in them. (In the eating area) People was left without choices, and it was a mess everywhere.

Tables at the eating area was not cleaned and the last 3 days of the festival it was so dirty that the stink was unbearable.

Volunteers working at the festival was "forced" to work 12 hours shifts, even when the agreement was 6 hours. and some worked for 15 hours straight driving artists from and to the airport. For several days straight!

Security lockers fell apart when they were operated by the crew at the infostand. At times the infostand was without staff and anyone could access the lockers.

Not the biggest issue, but from day 1! The soundsystem failed. Several times it broke down and if it didn’t, nobody was there to maintain and equalize it while it was playing! It was clearly a big problem for the artists behind the deck!

Last but not least.. A giant bacteria outbreak was the result of the lack of hygiene. More then 1000 people was complete destroyed and people were womiting and shitting everywhere because of this. Remember.. Toilets were covered on shit and flies, because of the cleaning situation. And with so few toilets, you had no chance to reach it in time.

All this for the price of 1330 euros (Entrance, Shuttle bus, Teepee and the change of teepee booking)

This is the 2019 ZNA experience that many people had.. Some worse then others. No doubt about that.
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1y 1m#6GoaBob

Wow - was für heftige Berichte: Wir wollten auch zum ZNA Gathering, inkl. 2 Wochen Portugal, Auto mieten, Camppingplätze und co..

man bin ich froh das wir die Taler nicht investiert haben, das wäre ja der Mega Sturz gewesen, trotzdem Pow Pow und weiter machen ich denke das ZNA Gathering ist nen Supi Festival...
Könnte sich mal jemand zur Deko, der Location und dem Sound äußern..

Ansonsten wäre noch ein Statement vom Veranstalter prima..
translate by google, because I don´t have Time to write in in my own Words:
Wow - what fierce reports: We also wanted to ZNA Gathering, including 2 weeks Portugal, rent a car, campsites and co ..

I am glad that we have not invested the dollars, that would have been the mega fall, but Pow Pow and continue to do.. I think the ZNA Gathering is a Super Festival ...??

Could someone comment on the decoration, the location and the sound?

Otherwise, a statement from the organizer would be great ..

1y 1m#5Goa Guy

it's a shame how you organized this, people got sick and you didn't do anything as an organization! the toilets were dirty! the showers were also dirty and there was a lot of waste in .. you are scammers! pay 180 € for this? really bad organization! this was my first and last ZNA.

1y 1m#4daffy

Hello organisers, almost 1 month has passed since requesting the refund of my premium ticket. This "premium" service already came with a high cost as you know, and despite that, neither myself nor 2 friends of mine have had their refund transferred back to us. In your mail you spoke about "a few days"...ignoring us is not a sign of respect and not paying back the ticket is making us feel as beggars. Please do something about this situation.

1y 1m#3Argonaut

thank you for reporting this to the public. The Lost Theory in Spain 2016 had the same outcome. E.g. drinking water was taken direct out of the river, toilets were as bad as in war time and organizers. did not care for nothing. Just a simple solution: Never ever support and attend those organizers!!! And look carefully which other parties those organziers make.

1y 1m#2Inês Azambuja

Shame on you zna canceled event because of the virose and people left without any higene or medics. The toilets should be cleaned more than 2 times a day, the restaurante zone should be cleaned too. Desgraceful! We ve paid 200 eur for this!? Shame on you!

1y 1m#1Jen Jones

Myself and three other friends have been quite sick for days since zna gathering. We have the symptoms of food poisening.. Or a virus. It's the worst dose of a bug I have had. After talking to other people that attended the festival, I see there is dozens of people that got sick as well. I wonder was it in the water? I felt it was important to address.

Jennifer Jones