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Ripchord is two guys from Copenhagen with years of experience with music in its many different forms. From producing hip-hop to spinning raving minimal beats and pushing the floor to another level. In a short period of time Ripchord has firmly pushed their way into the Danish underground scene. Max Thelin aka. Maximus is the second member of the Danish hip-hop producer duo MAVIX. Jesper Prehn, old time raver, dj and producer, have a long history in electronic music. Their style is dark and original with jazzy swingsets and groovy basslines.

Thrill Cosby is set in a 20’s ballroom jazz club in New Orleans. The Tempo is high and the people are swinging to the rhythm. The band is jumping and the bourbon is kicking in making the trumpet drowsy.

Tanzable, is a minimal tune kept in the subsonic layers. It has got a dominating bass line the swirls you into a hypnotic state of mind, encouraging you to move in sexy ways. This remix is conducted by Joachim Spieth best known for his Spiecher series on Kompakt.

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