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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - and their answers.

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Some basics:
  • We have colors for
    • new or permanent links and buttons,
    • for visited pages,
    • and external links which opens a new window/tab.
  • Some infos can be toggle on and toggle off again.
  • The help icon opens a help layer:
  • If you wanna change color or layout, try it on Layouts and Styles


Goatrance und Psytrance Partys from around the world. Photos und comments. Member Community. Online since 1996.

Who makes this website?

The Goabase has been developed by a "fan of the scene" since May 1996 (see Impressum). The servers are sponsored by a hoster whose co-owners are also "fans of the scene".

All parties and entries (comments, photos, reports...) are from members of the Goabase.

Since 2001, the Goabase has been supported by moderators who voluntarily observe the Goabase Netiquette / Rules.

A constant development takes place, where members stand by their side.

What are the moderators doing?
The moderators help to take care that the rules are followed. Moderators can, according to their assigned website section, delete entries, delete member pictures or ban members. They can be asked in case of entries that break rules, or if you want one of your own entries deleted.

All deleted entries are saved internally, so a restoration is possible if necessary.

The moderators can be found via [contact].

Goabase is amazing! What can I do to support you and help to make it better every day?

Thanks in advance for any help and support! A great help is if you find fake parties or meeting point entries and drop me a note. Also, if you stumble over wrong english phrases, please let me know! My English isn't the best and I am sure that there are mistakes on this site.

If you would like to show your appreciation - I am always happy about any gesture of thanks: Support Your Party Dealer! ;) :)

Thank You!

Around Partys

How does the detailed search work?

In the detailed search you can select countries, options and styles.

There is an interactive search field for current parties and a "classic" one for past ones.

Everything is found in which the search word occurs. Example: trance finds "Trance","Goatrance","Psytrance"....

If you enter several words, e. g. Party Trance, everything will be found in which either Party or Trance occurs.

If you want both terms to appear in a party, enter the search in quotation marks: "Party Trance".

If something is to be excluded from the search, a minus sign is placed in front of the keyword: Trance -Party finds everything in which "Trance" but not "Party" occurs.

There are interactive searches, recognizable by the goabase colors. These show the result during input. The "classic" search has standard colors.

As a member, every search can be saved and retrieved later.

How does the search work?

Search for the places by entering the name. If you have selected a country before, only the places of the country will appear. As a member, your place will always be proposed first.

At the current parties there is a date field. By clicking a calendar appears and the desired day can be selected. At the past events there is a timeline back to 1996.

If you want to search with further filters, click on "Detailed search". There you can also search for line-ups and party names via the field "Detailed search".

What are the types Festival, Open Air etc generally means?
Festivals are bigger outdoor events with an camping area, shops, several floors etc. Festivals are taking longer than 36 hours.

An Open Air event is outdoor and takes below 36 hours. Could be also a small event.

In- and outdoor are party events with floors in- and outside.

Indoor events are mostly with several floors, not regulary dates.

Club events are regular weekly or monthly in the same location, usually in the same club location.

I can't find the party XY anymore, why?
Maybe the party is just over - you have to look under "historical parties". Or the organizer just deleted the party. Then the info is gone into nirvana.

Do you know if there will be a party at XY?
No. I know only the parties which are online.

Some of the parties have no meeting point or lift section?
Yes. The organizer of the party decided to disable meeting point and lift.

Mostly the organizer don't want to discuss with the people here. Check such parties carefully.

You can contact the member who submitted the party to ask for the reasons.

Why is Party XY not online?
Every party is submitted from the organizers only.

If a party is not online the organizer haven't inserted it.
One possible reason: The party is very small and they don't want to have too many guests...

I don't see party photos. Why?
Photos of the parties are visible for members only. The reason is that we don't want to offer them the whole world and don't want to see them in Google and other search engines.

How can I add photos to the parties?
Choose the party details and click on the navigation tab for photos and pictures. In the right info box is a link. Click on this link to upload your photos.

Can you send me more info about the party?
No. The webmaster doesn't organize any party and hasn't anymore informations about a party. If you want to know more contact the member who posted the party.

Submit Party / Event

Can you insert my party, please?
Every party and event is submitted from the organizers or promoters themselves.

If you want to add your party you have to register first.

I want to insert a party. How to do it?
Login with your account and open Submit New Party / Event to submit new parties and events. Be sure that you activated the checkbox "Submit Parties" in your member profile.

If you upload a party flyer, your event appears in the "new party flyer" section.

How to get a precise map?

Try it first by entering the street and house number. The fields for country and city should be filled in. OpenStreetMap will be asked. The street and house number is saved and transferred to the "Location" field together with the city.

If no map can be found, please search for the location on OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. Then copy the URL into the field "OpenStreetMap or Google Maps URL". From this we read the geodata.

Sind bereits Partys mit Karten vorhanden, können diese per Klick ausgewählt werden. Die Karte und Location wird dann übertragen.

How can I change my party details?
After you inserted the party you get an email to your member email address. There you find all links and the password for the party so that you can change it whenever you want.

If you lost the email: Go to your party and open the link "change party". You can change your party there.

What are the costs to insert a party?
Nothing. It's free and without any cost to insert a party.

Be sure to add goa-/psystrance parties only. Other parties don't fit at this site and they will be deleted without any comment.

Why Facebook shares sometimes old Event Infos and Flyer?
As soon as somebody shares a link on Facebook, the content is cached there first. Facebook does not call in every time here when somebody shares a Goabase link. Moreover, nothing may be changed from a certain number in "Likes" on Facebook.

Hence, it's important, immediately from the outset the right flyer upload, i.e. the right graphics with party name and date.

If it's necessary, nevertheless, sometimes to inform Facebook that something has changed. You can refresh the Facebook-Cache with the Goabase party link: Facebook Tools. Afterwards the new flyer should be visible with every new "share".

Which parties are in the newsletter?

Every new submitted party event is in the next upcoming newsletter once only.

The newsletter comes out every Wednesday 19:30h CET.

To send your event twice or more, check out Newsletter Order

How do I get people on my invitation list?

Go to a member profile or to the detail page of a party.

There you will find the area "Invitations", in which a request for the distribution list can be made. If the other person confirms the request, you can now send each other invitations.

Which flyers do you accept?
JPG, GIF and PNG allowed only. If you use JPG be sure that you don't use the CYMK color scheme (which is used for printing only).

It's not possible to upload a flyer bigger than 12 MB

Images will be shrunk to max. 1280x720 pixel.

Preview flyer will be created automatically.

Is it possible to ban somebody from my party?
If you don't want any entries from a special member in all your parties add this member to your ignore/block-list (more: [click here]).

This member can read your parties and add hinself to the who-comes-list however.

What does 'hidden' parties mean?
Hidden parties can't be found over a PID number now. These parties are also not listed in any output except the personal party timer. Therefore hidden parties can't be found by any chance.

Only if the party stands on your own party timer, the party can be called again with the PID.

You need a special link if the party doesn't stand on your own party timer. Within this link there is a letter-figure combination instead of the normal numerical PID.

Send this alphanumerical link to your friends, because only with this link can they call the party for the first time.

Can you change my party infos?
If we would get money for the entry we would say: Yes, sure. But the entry is free - so please don't send us your work :)

But if something goes wrong or you have problems using the party form - please drop us a note and we will try to help.

After you inserted the party you get an email to your member email address. There you can find all the links and the password for the party so that you can change it whenever you want.

Why a separate party password?
This is usefull if you want to give a friend the right to change the party infos. Your friend can change the party only - but he can't go into your member area.

What are QR codes?

The QR code appears under "Update Party"at current parties. It contains the web address of the event and is a 400x400 pixel PNG file.

The code/file can be used on flyers or in the print area to easily access a website with your smartphone.

Service from [goqr. me].

You deleted my party. Why?
You can read it if you submit a party: "Please submit goa-/psytrance-parties only."

Your party was no goa/psytrance party so I deleted it.

Registration / Login

I didn't get an email after registration, why?
Possible reasons:
- your email address was wrong
- your mailbox is full
- your spam filter was too restrictive
- you haven't read it

The subject of the email:
[goabase] Your Goabase Account, please activate

If you didn't get this email try re-activation.

Why must I confirm my registration?
You can't believe how many people add a wrong address.

Only with the confirmation link from the registration email is your address proved.

I can't log in. Why?
Use your email address for the login - not your nickname.

Your password must be correct, too.

If it doesn't work, though: Look into the email you got after the registration. There is a link. You have to open this link in your browser. After that you can log in.

After the login I'm out again!
You disabled cookies in your web browser. Cookies are small files stored on your hard disk. Goabase needs these cookies to recognize you and your login settings.

It's possible to allow cookies for Goabase only - everything is fine after that :)

What should I do if my email address is no longer valid?
If your email account is no longer valid, please go to our contact form and write there, member name, your old login email and the new email. We will change it as soon as possible.

I forgot my password, what to do?

Go to Send Password and enter your login email. You will receive an e-mail with further information.

I forgot my login email, what to do?

Send us via Contact your profile and everything else you know about your old e-mail, even if you are not sure anymore. We can then continue to check.

I have two profiles - is it possible to put them together in one profile?
If you have two different member profiles and want to have them together in one profile, then please use the contact form and fill in which profiles are to be merged into one.

All entries in the profile will then be transfered to the other one. It means that photos, reports, meeting points, articles of the discussion forum, etc from the old profile will be transfered to the new one.

In addition please specify the login emails of both profiles, to make sure that nobody else tried to joke with your profiles.

How can I delete my profile / account?
Once you added an entry it's not possible to delete it completly. But we can delete all personal information including your email address and remove you from all friends lists.

After that everybody sees a "user deleted" with no further info except the public comments.

If you want to do it, go to Profile Infos. You will land on a page with a link "profile delete". You have to submit it and log out after that.

We do this double request for security reasons.

Members Area

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Click "your account" at the left and then click on "Party Newsletter". You can unsubscribe from your newsletter there.

Or you can read the last newsletter. There is a link where you can unsubscribe.

There are too many parties in my newsletter!
You can use the newsletter options to get parties from preferred countries, towns or artists only.

Go to "your account" and click "Party Newsletter" to insert your filter options.

How can I find People?
The field is searching first to name - and if entered - for the town location.

The search works with geo location if you entered a town name.

It also reads the options behind "search in details".

Non-registered visitors will find the public profiles only.

Why isn't it possible to put some members on my friends list?

Some members set their profile to "non-public / private".

The tab navigation and entry statistics only appear if you add friends to your list. Since these members do not want to be public, they cannot be added to the friends list. However, messages can be written to them.

Why do some members get more entries than are really present?
Sometimes the number of entries in the profile for example says "report: 1", but if you click on it, the entry doesn't appear

That is because of the fact that it's not checked whether the report was written by a hidden party.

This effect also occurs with photos and meetingpoints.

Dis- and enable 'last visit'- What's that?
You can disable the last visit logging (at the top right).

Other members don't see your last visit after that.

How does it works with the friend list?

As soon as you add someone to your friends list, you subscribe to their guestbook and photo gallery. At the same time, the other person receives an automatic notification. No "friend request" has to be confirmed, as each profile can be accessed by other members and the contributions can also be subscribed to.

Friends who are online here appear on the right side of the website (smartphone below). Today's and coming birthdays are listed. Shared parties are marked and there is a list of all friends going to the same parties. An icon indicates when you have added each other to your friends list.

If you do not want to allow other members to add you to their friends list, you must set your profile to "private": Your Account

If you want to prevent someone in particular from putting you on their friends list, they must be ignored or blocked.

What happens if I ignore/block another member?
If you ignore/block someone else, the following happens:
  • You can no longer write messages to each other
  • You get off his friends list.
  • All public posts will be hidden for you and the others, i.e. you cannot read each other anymore.
  • You see your names only in the then greatly reduced profile
  • They can't put you on their friends list, but they can also put you on their ignore list
  • If the blocked user subscribed ("Unread") to your posts, these subscriptions will be removed
  • You will be removed from your party invitation lists
  • In your parties the blocked person can't post new posts (meeting point etc), can't vote and can't "remember" the party
  • In the forum, the blocked user can no longer write in threads you started

You can always undo the decision, i.e. undo the bockade/ignore.

What means 'friend of' in some profiles?
These are people with a public friends list, too - who also added this member to their list. It depends members with a public friends list only.

It helps all members to see public network and connections.

What is the Subscribe button?

With the button you can follow posts.

As soon as someone writes something about the topic/area you're interested in, you'll see an info on "Latest Posts".

You can use it also as a reminder list for everything you are interested in.

What are Member Tags?

These are terms that you can enter or select to suit you.

Your profile will be tagged with this term and will appear in a list where all of the members also have this tag in their profile. Thus, like-minded people or certain groups can be found.

Members: Messages

How can I save a private message?
Open the message and click "save message".

There is no easy way to save a bunch of message with one click only. We would overload the database with messages which are saved "prophylactically".

How can I send one message to many members?
Search a member by it's name.

You see only members who wrote to you before or who are on your party invitation list.

On an answer it's possible to add or remove others.

Why is it sometimes reported that sending was not working?
You ran into the spam filter. Write individual (personal) messages so that this doesn't happen.

Background: Before this protection existed, hundreds of identical messages (see Wikipedia) were sent daily.


What is the Scoring of Posts?
You can vote on forum posts, Party Reports and Meeting Point comments with an upvote or a downvote. Just click on one of the arrows. Between the arrows there is a star and if you click on it, you will see who has voted up or down.

Your own vote is marked and can be changed by clicking on the other (opposite) arrow.

If you want to protect yourself from a troll you can do it by using the ignore function. The ignored person will no longer be able to cast a vote on your posts (or on any report or comment in your own partys).

Images Upload, Drag & Drop
New since April 2015 for member accounts and party entries:

It's possible to upload an image via drag and drop. While uploading you will see a preview picture and a progress bar. If you're uploading a wrong image you're instantly able to delete it and replace it with the right one.

Just drop the image into the upload box.

The image will be saved once you submitted your profile or party entry itself.

Link Websites

Can you add a page link, please?
You can insert the link into the linkbase under "submit a goa link"

Choose the category and insert any description about the site.

Would be nice if you link to this site, too. Thank you.

Why isn't my website listed anymore?
Every link which doesn't fit the theme "goa and parties" will be deleted.

Another reason could be the following: Whenever a visitor opens a link we check if the site is online. If the site isn't online anymore it will be set to "offline" in the database. From time to time a script checks if the page is available again and sets it back to "online" again.