Party Reports · Tree of Life Festival - “Enter the Portal”- 5 Year Anniversary! · 23 Jun 2017 · Asprovalta (Greece)

Tree of Life Festival - “Enter the Portal”- 5 Year Anniversary!

· Over: 5y 7m

Reports / Feedback

Hi friends and fans of fast-exstatic-extraordinary body moving to psy-trance-music:

The masters of desasters had a real wired happening on a stinky old-thermal palce with lost wellness, over 40 degrees, location changed a few days b4 - so organasation-problems, so improvsation was asked: Ok, poor infrustructures on the festival-area, not the big choice by the 2 (3?) food-"Staions", not enough shadow on the camping side, but - the people: Quite nice, just enjoying, surfing all this small problems by dancing away. Not macht erfinderisch und wir machten das Beste draus.
It was my 41. birthday on the first day, a danish guy helped by my rebirthing in the dark wirh 5 Kronen! ("Thank you, Kim. Your mother is also born on 23rd of june, like our danish goalkeeper "kim sonne".)

only the cold water showers on and arround the floor made dancing posssible 4me in the hot sun all teh day time. The Berlin guy made nice digital visual stuff, Heilbergensis Boris played my song (B'U'M Dietl BUM) saw Mat Msuhroom again and a "greece-german girl" from samothraki/Thessaloniki 2003 (B4 Auora!)

In the beginning only alcoholic drinks were forbiddden on the gate, after a few days everthing drinkable was forbidddden to bring in the camp side. (May be, it was shortly necesssary to get more money to "save" the festival (means: the costs ov Yanniv). No waterplane over the floor, also no busses back, many people missed their plane. so, i had 17 wonderful days and nights in greece with a real good friend ,thx 4 music, water and food!

Greetings to Maria, Kirsten, Carsten und Axel from "our michadelic";-)

PS: The butterflies from all over the world was very active. Also many Moskitos, Spiders and Ants - and small snakes in the lake, witch can bite! Logic: It was forbiddden to swim in the lake) - On the last day I was sitting on the closed second floor and a turtle crosssed my way - when das der Igel wüsste;-)
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