Tree of Life Festival - “Enter the Portal”- 5 Year Anniversary!

Tree of Life Festival - “Enter the Portal”- 5 Year Anniversary! 23 Jun '17, 08:00
Party flyer: Tree of Life Festival - “Enter the Portal”- 5 Year Anniversary! 23 Jun '17, 08:00
Line Up
♬░░░▒▒▓ SUN STAGE ▓▒▒░░░♬

Astral Projection - Sonic Bookings | Israel

Amstex - Tree of Life Music | Israel[]

Bitkit - Dacru rec | Belgium[]

Bliss - Nutek rec | Israel[]

Boom Shankar -BMSS Records | Germany[]

Bruce -Nexus Media|South Africa[]

Cosmic Flow - X7M Records | Israel[]

Cosmic Tone - Iono Records | Israel[]

Deliriant - Spectral Records | South Africa[]

Digicult - Dacru rec | Belgium[]

Dj Alex Light - Dacru Records | India[]

Ehuty/Duat - (Tree of Life |Brazil[]

Electric Universe - Dacru Records | Germany[]

Electrypnose - Electryponosis Media | Switzerland[]

Eli-K - Organic | Israel[]

E-Mov - Dacru Records | Greece[]

Etnica - Etnicanet | Italy[]

Gravitech - Audioload Music | Germany[]

Huda G - Tera/Vertical Records | Israel[]

Hujaboy -Zero 1 Music | Israel[]

Joel - Iris Music | Denmark[]

Kimikly - Paganka Crew | Israel[]

Labirinto - Vagalume Records - Brazil[]

Libra - Tip New World | Israel[]

Loopus In Fabula -Fabula Records | Italy[]

Mama Gaia - Underbravidunder | Sweden[]

Mat Mushroom Mushroom Magazine | Germany[]

Mi Ya Ra - Iboga Records | Israel[]

Mr.What? - Iboga Records | Israel[]

Mystic - BMSS Records | Israel[]

Oforia - MDMA/ Zion 606 Records | Israel[]

On3 -Hommega Records | Israel[]

Organic Soup - Echo Booking | Israel[]

Originals - (New Project | Israel[]

Phaxe - Iboga Records | Denmark[]

Player one - X7M Records | Australia[]

Pleiadians - EtnicaNet | Italy[]

Portal - Open Bookings | South Africa[]

Ranji - Blue tunes records | Israel[]

Shantaraam - Tree of Life Music | Australia[]

Shayman - Tip New World | Israel[]

Somatic Cell - BMSS Records | Israel[]

Sphera - Iboga Records | Israel[]

Spirit Architect - Dacru Records | FYROM[]

Tetrameth - Weapon Records | Australia[]

U-Recken - Tree of Life/Dacru Records| Israel[]

Vibe Tribe - Mainstage Records | Israel[]

Waio - Zero 1 Music | Brazil[]

X-Noise - X7M Records | Israel[]

♬░░▒▒▓ SHIVA MOON STAGE ▓▒▒░░♬

AbsolutZero - Landmark/paranoia project | Greece[]

Askari - Dacru Records | Switzerland[]

Astro -D - Spiral Trax | Greece[]

Bolon Yokte - Popol VUH Records | Mexico[]

Dekel aka Empirikal - Echo Bookings | Israel[]

Djantrix - (Digital Om Productions | FYROM[]

Djane Rodi - Tree of Life Music | Greece[]

DJ Robas - Zahadum Sphere | Slovakia[]

Doc - Harmonia Records | Greece[]

Dr. Sammy- Blacklite Records | Greece[]

Edell -World People | Russia[]

Electrypnose - Electryponosis Media | Switzerland[]

El Mahico | World is Mine Rec | Greece[]

Enantion | Psy Theatre | Berlin[]

Freetech | Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

Fractaclysm | Tree of Life Music | UK[]

Geko | Fractal Records | Germany[]

Infinite Cycle | Digital Freedom Records | Israel[]

Inspace | World people | Israel[]

Kliment | Zenon,Elektrick dream | Bulgaria[]

Kimikly | Paganka Crew | Israel[]

Midi Junkies | Tengri Audio Labs | Turkey[]

Mindphaser | Natural High Trance Family | Greece[]

Minimal Criminal | Cosmic Conspiracy Records | Israel[]

Na-Ti | Zenon Records | Israel[]

Once Upon A Time | Blue hour sounds | Bulgaria[]

Ojini Project | Tree of Life Music | Israel[]

Qze vs Lulic | Protoned Music | Denmark[]

Sandman | Matsuri - Tip | israel[]

Sama | Lotus Paradise| Iran/Cyprus[]

Scamantrix | Tree of Life Music | South Africa[]

Sebastian Kos | Antu Records| Switzerland[]

Shidapu | Zion 604 Records | Israel[]

Soner | Digital Yonkis Records | Greece[]

Sonic elysium | Sonic Elysium records| Russia[]

Spiros Wom | World is Mine Records | Greece[]

Tribal Wizard | Tribal Records | Israel[]

Vectro Electro | DMT Bookings | Israel[]

Wingman | Phantasm Records | Greece[]

Woos | Protoned Music - Denmark[]

7th Dimension | Z-plane Records | Greece[]

Zirkin | Doof Records | Israel[]

♬░░░▒▒ ▓ LIQUID STAGE ▓ ▒▒░░░♬

Alkan Ruller| | Greece[]

Aurora X -Sonic Loom Records| Bulgaria[]

Amnesia -Marvel Bookings | Italy[]

Aya - Home Productions | Austria[]

Djane Amarula - DMT Bookings | Israel[]

Diff Jung - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

Ehuty/Duat -Tree of Life |Brazil[]

Electic - Tree of Life| Turkey[]

Eli-K -Organic | Israel[]

ElMute -ODN Records | France[]

Exosomatika | Kinematic records | Greece[]

Fractal Impulse - N-Trance | Germany[]

Gravitech - Audioload Music | Germany[]

Huda G - Tera/Vertical Records | Israel[]

I.R.I.S. -(Sonic Loom Records|Bulgaria[]

Jimmy9 - Veleno Music | Italy[]

Jody Cottier - Tentacles Recordings | UK[]

Johny Pablo - Kupuri Music | Israel[]

J.P. Illusion - Harmonia Records | Greece[]

Junior X - (Indie |Greece[]

Jorenson - Tree of Life Music | Germany[]

Kliment - Zenon,Elektrick dream | Bulgaria[]

Kid Move - Rahul Allam Music | India[]

Liminal Roots - Tree of Life Music | India[]

Lo.Renzo - Veleno Music | Italy[]

Mat Mushroom -Mushroom Magazine | Germany[]

Mi Ya Ra - Paganka | Israel[]

Liran Ackerman - Iboga Records | Israel[]

Mumantra - Tree of life | Turkey[]

Mysticism - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

NaTi - Zenon Records | Israel[]

Ojini Project - Tree of Life Music | Israel[]

Pack - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

Psychotherapy - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

Ramizes - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

Raveheart - Marvel bookings | Italy[]

Satnapar | | Greece[]

Sama - Lotus Paradise| Iran/Cyprus[]

Shahar - Aleph Zero |Israel[]

Shantaraam - Tree of Life Music | Australia[]

Sheimus K - Dov Gummy | Israel[]

Superstylin - Technophobia Records | Israel[]

Susha - Tree of Life Music | Israel[]

S9 - Rikodisco | Turkey[]

Spirit Diablero - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

The Crystal Drop - Crystal Kids | Turkey[]

Therapist - Altar Records|Bulgaria[]

ZSD Networks -(Tree of Life Music | Hungary[]

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Atmosphere decor - South Africa
Tree of Life Festival -" Enter the Portal" - 5 Year anniversary.
23-27 June 2017 - Asprovalta - Greece.


(Remember the legendary Aurora Festival??? - we are located there.)

▀██▀▀█▄ ♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬ .█
─▄██▄▄█▀ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜ ஜஜ

New location, new beginnings and with the same unique vision that formed so many unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships.
Tree of Life Festival is the perfect mix of people, music, arts and lifestyle which all balance in blissful harmony together.

Full festival details are being announced weekly @ []
We strongly recommend you to sign up to our news letters.

For any sort of application (Music/stalls/stage arts/Workshops)
please check the link below and choose your preferred application.[]

Festival applications open from October onwards.

♬ Music -[]
► Arts -[]
✯ Lifestyle -[]
☯ Location -[]
ஜ About -[]

More info about our Program & Concept:

We would like to take you further towards the portal
and reveal our new festival format:

On this special edition we will run 3 stages during the festival.

♬Sun Stage (Day Stage):
The Main Stage will operate as a day stage and will play music from 9:00 am till 11:30 pm. Each evening the main stage will end with a live performance from one of our alternative music headliners together with dancers and fire shows - nice.

After the final set of the Sun Stage is completed the stage will go on a break and music will continue on the Moon Stage (night stage).

♬Shiva Moon Stage (Night Stage):
Our major concern is potential sound complaints from the surrounding neighbours. we want to work together with the Asprovalta community to ensure neighbours aren’t disrupted so we’ve managed to solve this issue by planning a sound proof stage, smaller in size but fully sufficient and specially designed for the night .this stage will go till high noon with Psy and Goa music.

♬Liquid Stage - Chill on the beach:
Our third stage will be located on the beach shoreline and will be active from 10:00 am till midnight.

From midnight till sunrise daily the chillout stage will transform into a Night cinema featuring all your favorite classics across a vast range of film genres from the ages.

☯Lifestyle Area:
One of the big improvements we are looking to make in our 5th edition is to evolve the entire lifestyle area into a feature packed area to spend your time away from the madness of the music stages to learn, exercise, heal and encourage positive impacts of health & wellbeing.

☯The Lifestyle area will be consist of full day programs for all kinds of workshops featuring speakers, practitioners, artists, healers to enrich our minds bodies and spirits.

ஜChildren Area:
Lets not forget our children. in the Lifestyle Area we will dedicating a family friendly zone for children activities and workshops so that your children can be looked after while you take your yoga session, meditation or belly dance sessions.

✯Sacred Fire:
A sacred fire will burn from the moment we start till the end of the festival. We can already visualize many of you sitting there beside it during the nights while main stage is off meeting new friends for life - this is really is what festivals are all about.

Now with all that in mind,
...leave everything behind and...
Enter the Portal !

Much Love,
Tree of Life.
Tree of Life festival will be held in Camping EOT Asprovalta ,northern Greece.The Largest and most facilitated Camping Site in THE ENTIRE BALKAN COUNTRIES..
For flight arrivals the nearest Airport is Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia”. (SKG)
Asprovalta is 97km from the Airport . About an Hour Drive.
You can find fully detailed information about Driving Routs ,Taxies , Busses, Car Rentals offers etc Here:

Cheak out Tree of life Location/Tent rental/Bus shuttles./ Caravan parking info here:[]

Safe Travels!
Entry fee
For full ticket info please visit here:

Rates & Dates:

95€ – Third Phase From December 15.12.16 Till March 15.3.17

110€ – Last Phase From March 15.3.17 Till June 1.6.17

Full festival price at the gate – 130 euro
Weekend / Day Tickets info:
Weekend & day tickets can only be purchased at the gate !
For Guests who wants to come only for the weekend- we offer Few Options:

24 Hour Tickets: 60€ From Friday 23.6 Till Saturday 24.6.

48 Hour Tickets: 85€ From Friday 23.6 Till Sunday 25.6.

Click here for full terms & conditions regarding day/weekend tickets

In addition:

We would like to also offer a friendly price for countries with less fortunate economic realities.

Russia/Macedonia/Italy/Portugal/Spain/Romania/Serbia/and of course Greece.

Special entrance fee rate: 85€

Discount tickets will be available shortly with the ambassadors in your area.

There will be no discounts at the door.- Make sure you get your ticket in advance .

Ticket Ambassadors:
Online list TBA Shortly.

Guest Country :
The guest country for Tree of Life Festival 2017 is: Turkey.
Turkish Citizens may apply for free tickets here:[]
this is just small token of gratitude to the people who gave us such warm hospitality over the years.

Cheak out Tree of life Location/Tent rental/Bus shuttles./ Caravan parking info here:[]

Questions?– simply email (Subject-Tickets)
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