Antwerp · Belgium
Over: 5m 23d  · 
Old is Gold Room (+- 1000m²)
- Cosmosis (Transient Records) - UK
(Billy Cosmosis will play a pure old school acidic goa-trance set filled with tracks of his first albums! This is... a gift of the gods!)

- E-Mantra (Suntrip Records) - ROM
(Emmanuels third album is ready... And you will experience this on Fractal Gate! Deep hypnotic acid-trance filled with divine melodies! This will be a dancefloor tsunami for sure!)

- Tim Schuldt (Matsuri, Aurinko Records) - GER
(Specially for Fractal Gate Tim Schuldt will play an acid-trance set, for the first time in over a decade, of all his really "old" projects and aliases! Acid-trance made under his aliases such as Talking Souls, Brain Accent, Mama Indica, Mono Substance,... Smashing and unique!!)

- Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip Records) - FIN
(Kristian will present his debut album, on Suntrip, here pure acidic melodic goa-trance with some suomi influences! Enjoy this melodic rollercoaster!)

- E-Mantra (Altar Records) - ROM
(Emmanuel will also play a set on this party with his downtempo music to put you in the right mood! If you want to experience his deep floating soft, but warm, dancemusic... Come early!)

Full On productions Room (+- 500m²)
- Cosmosis (Holophonic Records) with guitar - UK
(Billy Cosmosis will kick your ass with a set where he plays his magical guitar on his newest music!)

- Sesto Sento (Com.pact Records) - ISR
(Matan, itai and Aviram are known for their powerful combo of euphoric melodies and rolling basslines, can you handle them!?)

- Gataka (Phonokol Records) - ISR
(Matan will showcase even more fantastic full on here! Nobody can stand still on his dancefloor madness...)

- Bitkit (Dacru Records) - BE
(Gunther will make a mix of his powerful new tracks of his new album and his full on classics who were played allover the world!)

- D-Ther (Ganjatree Records) - BE
(Dieter is known for his driving melodic psy-trance. Lots of breaks and intense climaxes driving dancefloors crazy! Yes, Belgian has looots of talent, and he will proof it!)

Old is Gold Room (+- 1000m²)
- Anoebis (Suntrip Records - BE)
- Yani (Suntrip Records) - BE
- Pavane - BE

Full On productions Room (+- 500m²)
- Electric Lord (GanjaTree Records/natural productions - BE)
- Foose (Ganjatree) - BE
- Phasid (Lani/Loop Generation) - BE

Old is Gold Room:
Mind Experience (POR)

Full On Room:
Opsys deco
visuals: Campattack
laser and lights: FULL-ON

Football-stadium Bosuil:

Oude bosuilbaan 54 a
2100 Deurne Antwerpen (België/Belgique)

Entry fee
20€ Pre-sale, 25€ at the door

if you want some video material of last year... Enjoy! :)




Suntrip Records
Trance Dimensions
Full On productions

Suntrip Records ORGA · 5
· · 3,438

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Sound Styles
Fullon, Goatrance, Psytrance


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