|ZEROPOINT| Italian producer showcase [Hypogeo,Anx, Nukleall,Golikem and more..]

◢HYPOGEO [Zenon Rec.]
HypoGeo is by definition : whatever origins, grows and evolves under the ground.
This description perfectly fits his music : deep, obscure, hypnotic, mental, psychedelic,
taking shades through his musical backround: extreme metal, industrial/ebm, new wave/post punk, techno , idm & darkambient.
In may 2012 HypoGeo releases his first full length album "Tree of Lies" with Zenon records, the widely known Melbourne based label.
The album is a huge success by critics and fans of this particular sound, known as "psygressive" a genre that embraces heavy sounds on lower bpm , taking HypoGeo to play at the biggest festivals of the world such as : Boom Festival , Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequencies, Tree of Life , Freqs of Nature ,Cosmo, Indigo Festival, Alien Nation Festival , Solaris proj , Transylvania calling and many many more to come on 2013.

◢NUKLEALL [Blacklite rec.]
Ale Mistretta a.k.a. Nukleall is a psytrance music artist and label manager of Blacklite Records, as well as sound engineer for Blacklite Studio (Torino).
Nukleall has always been into electronic music and he started getting involved in the psytrance scene in 1996, when he visited london for the first time.
He started DJing in 2001 and music production in 2006. The satisfaction of being able to express himself through music and playing his music live pushed Nukleall to develop his solo project in 2008.
The need to expand and share his musical skills encouraged Nukleall to start working with other artists and to develop 4 different psytrance projects: Junesix, Ghost Signal, Barkode and Rack Riders. Tracks by them have been released by several international music labels nowadays.
Nukleall's style has been defined as morning psytrance music with a fat and groovy dancing vein, tightly balanced with a strong psychedelic atmosphere.
His first solo album "Hundreds of years Into the Future" will be released in october 2012 under Blacklite Records. a project dedicated by Nukleall to all those people free to embrace new ideas, radically unconventional.

◢ANX / VOIDCONTROLLER [ Voidoscope rec.]
Voidoscope it's a new indipendent electronic label, we work for produce our sounds, from deeep beatless cosmic ambient ,throught a futuristics downtempo grooves,post-industrial and idm breaked beats.. until a midtempo experimental psychedelics techno-trance...
ANx: Midtempo electronic livesets, psy-tech,drone-tech, industrial psytrance,industrial psygressive
VoiD CONTROLLER: Downtempo electronics, ambient, experimental, idm, ebm-industrial, radical electronics, Live sync visuals.
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◢GOLIKEM [Uroboros rec.]
Paolo "Break" Passerini, was born and lives in Bologna, Italy. He grew as a drummer in the late '80s, influenced by the movements of the underground Funky Rock, Death-Metal, Fusion, Reggae, and performing as a drummer with many groups and Italian musicians. The first experience with the Trance music was in a Switzerland party in the mid-90s, and with that a passion for electronic music was born. Paolo began to collect goatrance vinyl, and started to organize parties across the Italian territory, participating as a DJ, and spreading the psy message.. the project Golikem was born in 2000 and Paolo started to make his first tracks and live set. In 2004, in collaboration with Magma Records, , they released their first album and many other tracks that where reviewed on various compilation of European labels. Paolo continued to play live and DJ sets around the world. Golikem style is Psy Dark progressive, combined with Tribal percussion, Driving Bass and Dark Atmosphere.

◢ ELECTRONIC GRIND [Uroboros rec.]
Electronic Grind is a psychedelic progressive project based in Spinea, a small town close to Venice, between two friends: Andrea (aka Cada) and Francesco (aka Prado) also known as Assioma.
Its unique sound stems directly from the psychedelic and progressive trance mixed with an extensive knowledge of rock music.
Electronic Grind is developing an individual progressive style based upon a great variety of musicality: strong pumping basslines, driving grooves and psychedelic synths brings you to a new dimension of crazy sounds!
The Grind's philosophy gives you an unique positive energy on the dance floor!

◢MOLE [Looney Moon rec.]
Born in May 1987 in Venice, he first met the world of electronic music when he was 14. After having listened to different kinds of music, it is in 2003 that he gets in touch with the world of psytrance. Soon it becomes his stronger passion and he decides to cooperate with some friends (Prado from Assioma and Winny) to found the "monkey tribe". They organized several events in Italy during the following years. In 2003 he starts its experience as a dj, however, after 5 years, it became clear that the mixer was not enough, and that playing someone else's music could not fully express himself. He begins now to take confidence with music production and, after 2 years of hard work in his studio, and even thank to the help and training of his friend Dust, he debuts with mole project in July 2010. His trainer and the other looneys bring him directly inside the looney moon team and his project will be immediately followed by further releases on the top labels. His music is 100 % psychedelics: a mix between the fat jumping basslines from the full on and the psy leads and atmospheres from the night music. The outcome is a groovie psytrance that will pump up the dancefloors and will blast yours brains for sure.

◢ASSIOMA [Looney Moon rec.]
Assioma is a psychedelic project started in 2007 in Spinea, a small town close to Venice, between two friends: Francesco (aka Prado) and Andrea (aka Cada).
Its unique sound stems directly from the psychedelic trance mixed with an extensive knowledge of rock music.
Assioma is developing an individual style based upon a great variety of musicality: strong pumping basslines, driving grooves and psychedelic synths brings you to a new dimension of crazy sounds!
The Assioma's philosophy gives you an unique positive energy on the dance floor thanks to a twisted sound and an innovative style of arrangement.
◢WINNY [LooneyMoon exp. rec./ Industrial Park / Monkey tribe]


AFTERCOUNTRY;-) | from 9.30 to 19.00 (Secret Location)
In-Outdoor - Entry fee: 5 euro.


DHARMA [Looney moon rec.]

N.E.S. [Dream Project/Synaestatic Rec.]

CIVA [Evolution]


KRONOS [Looney Moon rec.]

NAMI [Looney Moon rec.]


ACIDMIND [Monkeysexplosion tm / Creative Jungle Crew]

and many more coming soon....;-))
Entry fee
10 EURO - Arci membership
Thank's to: Nicola [Zenon rec.]\ Blacklite rec.\Looney Moon \ Uroboros rec. and all our friends
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