xXETEXx I Hypogeo, Krumelur, Djoanna, Southwild uvm. · 20 Oct 2018 · berlin (Germany)

xXETEXx I Hypogeo, Krumelur, Djoanna, Southwild uvm.

In- & Outdoor
· Over: 4y 5m
Line Up
👽 Line-Up 👽

As promised, we got again something special to please you. Better to check twice 😉

If you like serious, organic, trippy and futuristic sound don't be a fool and come around.
We gonna cross "the borders" between genres because this is what we do best... It's all about the vibe!

A nice sound evolution will merge our different styles but we will keep the best energy which we would love to share ♡

We are looking very much forward to have some quality time and for sure to have a mega blast with you. 🔨🔨🔨

∞ HypoGeo ( Zenon Records)
► (soundcloud

∞ SOUTHWILD (Wildthings records)
► (soundcloud

∞ Krumelur (Zenon Records|Boshke Beats|Electric Power Pole Records)
► (soundcloud

∞ DJoanna (Waldfrieden Events| Wonderland Festival)
► (soundcloud

∞ Pelks (MoDem Festival)
► (soundcloud

∞ Breger (Copy Cow|Soupherb Records|Phobos Records| Zenon Records)
► (soundcloud

∞ DJ Bayawaka (Shanti Planti|Merkaba Music|Enig'matik Records)
► (soundcloud

∞ burnhard (Schiffbruch|Rummel)
► (soundcloud

∞ Daniel Kraft - Stan Barli (defaultbox|Sisycrew)
► (soundcloud

∞ G-Motik/ Guiamm (Painkiller Records|Electronic Punk|Sisycrew)
► (soundcloud

∞ BLY aka Liam Soul (ĸanga ιn ѕpace)

∞ Josephine Wedekind (Schiffbruch| Digital Structures| XXETEXX blasts!!!)
► (soundcloud

∞ Ayjo ( XXETEXX blasts!!!)
► (soundcloud

∞ Deko by Synaptic Eclipse & dark optics
Synaptic Eclipse, Dark Optics
ab 21
Mensch Meier, Storkower Str. 121 - Berlin
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