XMUSH ▲●• SRI LANKA •●▲ ❅ 2014 ❅ ▲●•

Party Flyer XMUSH ▲●• SRI LANKA •●▲ ❅ 2014 ❅ ▲●• 27 Dec '14, 11:00
Party Flyer XMUSH ▲●• SRI LANKA •●▲ ❅ 2014 ❅ ▲●• 27 Dec '14, 11:00
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•●▲ SHYAMA DJANE - Spirited Records™
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Special visitor from IRAN who lives in GOA, “KIA” Psyber Freakuency.
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There is about 65 KM from the Sri Lankan International Airport Katunayake, to this lovely Riverbed Location. You can take 2 routes from Colombo to get to Puwakpitiya. You can come from “Colombo Fort” through “Kaduwela” and then to Puwakpitiya station. And also from “Maharagama” through “Hanwella” to Puwakpitiya station. you can also come to Avissawella from other parts of the country.

☮An exclusive gathering for exclusive spirits☮
In a BRAND NEW secret location,
☛ Into the wild for the year closing vibrational rituals, in
☮ ✌ Peace ✌ love ✌ unity ✌ respect ✌ ☮

◉ Presented by ◉

•●▲ııllıl Spirited Records™ lıllıı▲●•

•●▲Buckman Audio▲●•

◉ 24HRS Pure Freedom ◉ Free Camping ◉ Amazing River Bed Location ◉ F&B Stall ◉ Swimming ◉ Art & Craft Work Shops ◉ Yoga / Reiki Work Shops ◉ Camp Fire ◉

•●▲Children under the age of 12 accompanied by parents
will get entrance free

Limited Early Bird Passes Available
LKR 3500/-

Call - Danny for more info ⍅094 715 239 027
E-Mail - spiritedrecords@gmail.com

This event is purely for those who share a mutual passion for true psychedelic art & music,

▲Free camping is available at the Venue your free to bring your tents and huts as there are no rooms or cottages available. We got wonderful places dedicated for the campers also don't forget to bring your instruments for Music and art and other creative activities. No one will think you are crazy.

▲▲This is a gathering of creative people therefore, please respect space and freedom of others. Violation of another mans or womans(!) shanthi will not be tolerated. PLURRRRRRR!!! ▲▲

Stay Tuned for more updates...
☮♥ ✌ Love & Light ✌ ♥☮

Puwakpitiya, Sri Lanka (River Bed Location)
Entry fee
Entry fee
To make it a convenience to our friendly travelers around the world, The organizing team has decided to keep tickets available at the Gate at LKR 3500.

Please Call on this number for any information: +94 77 6139777

The Bludge Corner - Walley Dewaley Road, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
E-mail: sala@thebludge.com
Call: 077 703 8670
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