XMUSH 2015

In- & Outdoor
XMUSH 2015 26 Dec '15, 18:00
Party flyer: XMUSH 2015 26 Dec '15, 18:00
Line Up
◉ ııllıl SPIRITED ııllıl ◉ Live ◉ Spirited Records™

◉ ııllıl GANAPATI ııllıl ◉ Live ◉ Spirited Records™

•● ııllıl System Confuse ııllıl ●• DJ Set

•● ııllıl Danke ııllıl ●• DJ Set ◉ Spirited Records™

•● ııllıl Kosala ııllıl ●• DJ Set ◉ Spirited Records™

•● ııllıl Sanka ııllıl ●• DJ Set ◉ Spirited Records™

•●▲ııllıl Spirited Productions™ lıllıı▲●•
•●▲❅ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ ◉ XMUSH 2015 ◉ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ❅▲●•

◉ PsyChill ◉ Psygressive ◉ Fullon ◉ Dark Forest ◉ Hi -Tech ◉
☮An exclusive gathering for exclusive spirits☮
In a new secret location for this years MUSH OUT and
☛ Into the wild for the year closing vibrational rituals, in
☮ ✌ Peace ✌ love ✌ unity ✌ respect ✌ ☮

▲This event is purely for those who share a mutual passion for true psychedelic underground music.

▲Free camping is available at the Venue your free to bring your tents and huts as there are no rooms or cottages available. We got wonderful places dedicated for the campers.

███▓▒░░Terms and Conditions░░▒▓███

1. Please carry a valid proof of identification at the event.

2. Right of admission is reserved to the organization.

3. Use of Audio/Video equipments is strictly prohibited. As we are trying to protect the autheticity and respect the privacy of the land owner, please co-operate with us to facilitate the same.

4. The guests are responsiblel for their own personal properties. The organizer will not be responsible for any theft or loss of property.

5. Be aware of what you do and where you are. The organization will not be liable for any fatal injuries or damage suffered at the event.

Stay Tuned for more updates...
☮♥ ✌ Love & Light ✌ ♥☮
Call on ⍅094 715 239 027 for directions and location map when purchasing the Early Bird Admissions.
Entry fee
Entry fee
▲ Limited Early Bird Passes Available
LKR 1000/- Per Mush Head

• LKR 2000/- Per Mush Head

Call on ⍅094 715 239 027 for more info
or write to spiritedrecords@gmail.com for further inquires.
◉ Presented by ◉

•●▲ııllıl Spirited Records™ lıllıı▲●•


•●▲ııllıl Spirited Productions™ lıllıı▲●•
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