WinterSUN in La Palma * S.U.N. Festival promo party · 11 Feb 2023 · Puntagorda (Spain)

WinterSUN in La Palma * S.U.N. Festival promo party

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· Starts in 6d 22h
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Line Up
Fáni Bácsi (Ozora Festival)
Oleg (SUN Festival)
Pálmester (Kids of the Sun)
Kory (SUN Festival)
and more to come...
Come escape the cold winter and join us to celebrate the Comet of the year!

After a journey of hundreds of billions of miles from the distant Oort Cloud to the inner Solar System, a rare green-glowing comet will be visible to the naked eye at night from the northern hemisphere, and it will pass close to Mars on 11 February.

The last time this comet passed near us was during the Upper Paleolithic period, when Neanderthals still roamed Earth, and it's next visit is expected in another 50,000 years. Comets are ancient objects, remnants of the formation of the Solar System 4,6 billion years ago.

The party takes place in a large semi-covered cave surrounded by palm trees near the beach on the enchanting La Palma, the greenest of the Canary Islands.

There will be running water and showers, a bar, a kitchen and a barbecue place, a lookout point on a terrace and down in the harbour a small swimming pool and an ocean-deep rocky beach for diving.

Please protect Nature and do not litter.
The event is free!
la Cuevo (the Cave)
Puerto de Puntagorda
Solar United Natives / S.U.N. Festival
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