Line Up
*CHILD OF NIGHT* (Ohmnium Records)
*HOKO* (Melkart Records)
*LLUL* (Psilocybe / Psyvilla)
*MOLLY* (Skizodelic Mind)
*PSYDE B* (Psilocybe / Psyvilla)
*PALMARIGEN* (Psyvilla)
*PSYCUTA* (Psyvilla)
*PSYKHOPOMP* (Skizodelic Mind / Fullmoongui / Psyvilla)
*REDEYE SELEKTA* (Sporas Return / Psyvilla)
*T3CHGN0S1S* (Psyvilla)
*TOCHAMAN* (Ohmnium Records)

more soon...
Psyvilla Crew
We are a group of people who share a love for psytrance music and psytrance culture. We believe in the importance of free access to culture and we try to create ephemeral spaces to dance and enjoy together and in harmony. We are waiting for you to help us create special moments as a family in a hostile and individualistic world

See you on the dance floor!

- Help us to keep clean the place clean, use the garbage bags (if there are not or are full, tell someone in the collective)
- Respect for the environment, people and materials... we want to be able to meet again many times
- If you come with a dog you should be aware that there is no lack of water and food and control it so that it doesn't cause discomfort to other animals or people
- If you enjoy the party and you have to drive get organized and rest.
- For any questions and whenever you can... consult Energy Control
- Dance, enjoy, smile, share and be happy
Palacio de los Graffitis (Fábrica de Bellavista) --> []
Entry fee
Entry fee
Free party
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