WE ARE ALL ONE 25 Nov '17, 22:00
Party flyer: WE ARE ALL ONE 25 Nov '17, 22:00
Line Up
ʟɪɴᴇ ᴜᴘ :

Shushka☉ soundcloud ♪Fullon

Sethryus☉ mixcloud ♪Goatrance

Apep☉ mixcloud ♪Darkpsy

Asiza☉ soundcloud ♪Hi-tech

ʙɪᴏ :

" Shushka aknowledges music as a pure human phenomenon and enjoys the finesse of all sounds through organic rythms. She delivers positive energy and vibrations through the psytrance - full-on influences of the music she plays."

Sethryus arived on planet earth in the country Romania, in Sibiu. His passion for psychedelic music started 1 year ago. After discovering Goa way at the first party he played, he started to understand the hight frequencies of what Goa means. He combines old-school Goa with new-school Goa and creates a astonishing story between all the listeners. He’s part of the Cronomonium crew, whom got a big jump in psychedelic world couse of their powerful quality of making partyes. Beside Goa he enjoys any kind of music that sounds good for him.

A_p_e_P is a psychedelic trance dj from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. With a passion for most art related endeavors, the project was born in 2017 just after two years from his first psytrance festival. A_p_e_p brings new fast paced trippy hitech sounds to the already rich darkpsy-hitech scene in Transylvania.
His tunes combine happy uplifting high bpm tracks with trippy dark sounds taking you on a continuously evolving spiral trip representing the struggle of the dual dark and light, completing the metamorphosis on the sunrise.

Asiza in the african mythology means the sacred spirit of the forest. She took this nick name because she was given birth as a djane in the mystic forest of Hoia Baciu at her 22 years birthday that she also organised with the name PsychoSix. After the success of the party she discovered the love for high bpm music not only as a listener , but as a disk jockey too.
She played at Psychosix 2, Psychotic Forest , Psychedelia, parties that she also organised along with her companions from the crew Psychonauts Crew,and a small outdoor festival Up Psy Down, MacroCosmos, Rising frequncies 4, she's been headliner at Hi Profile live, Tropical Bleyage live & Djane Asiza Yaa party in Budapest, PsyLamp - Day of the walking spirits also in Budapest.
Asiza usually likes to tingle the senses of the listener through melodic dark psy, hi tech & psycore.
She was born in Iasi, moved to Cluj Napoca where she curently lives.
The love for the psy music is unbreakable and she promisses to take you to other dimensions every time she gets the chance.
" What you fail to do for others is what you fail to do for yourself. This is because you and the other are ONE !
" With this awareness comes a new respect for all of life "
" We Are One A Magnificent Journey From 'Me' To 'We' ! "
" Our Contrasts Do Not Have To Be Conflicts. "
" All Change is made at the level of being ... We Must Be The Change We Wish To See In The World "
" Let Your Passion Be The Fuel That Drives The Engine Of Change ! "
" Living This Message is the Best Way To Share This Message !!! "

Psytrance Romania
Vintage Music Pub ( Memorandumului nr.4 Cluj-Napoca )
Entry fee
Entry fee
10 Ron《00:00》15 Ron
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