Vox Nihili // Tribal Darkpsy Gathering @Istanbul

Vox Nihili // Tribal Darkpsy Gathering @Istanbul 23 Nov '18, 22:00
Party flyer: Vox Nihili // Tribal Darkpsy Gathering @Istanbul 23 Nov '18, 22:00
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Vox Nihili invites you to an 8 hours long Darkpsy ritual. In this adventure where we turn the gears through the depths of universe, sounds of Forest, Dark Hitech, Experimental DarkPsy will accompany us in our ritual. May we live forever in the both sides of silent and polyphonic universe…

❃ Liqcronium (Underground Experience) (GR)


❃ Holymania (Voodoo Hoodoo Records) (TR)


❃ Kök Tengri (TR) Metacortex Records)


❃ Macradoze (TR) (Psychedelic Forces)

► Işıl Zeynep Demir A.k.a Xnon
Entry fee
Entry fee
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