Vortex & MindZone ✬ Let There Be Light New Year’s Eve 2014/15 on 4 Floors · 31 Dec 2014 · Zürich (Switzerland)

Vortex & MindZone ✬ Let There Be Light New Year’s Eve 2014/15 on 4 Floors

Party Flyer Vortex & MindZone ✬ Let There Be Light New Year’s Eve 2014/15 on 4 Floors 31 Dec '14, 22:00
Party Flyer Vortex & MindZone ✬ Let There Be Light New Year’s Eve 2014/15 on 4 Floors 31 Dec '14, 22:00
Line Up
♥ ♩♪♬ Live on Stage ♬♪♩♥

Talpa & Zyce, Serbia for the first time worldwide ♥

Waio, Zero One, Brasil

Materia , 24/7 Austria

Tron, Zero One, Mexico

Twilight, Airglow Rec., Australia

Liquid Soul, Iboga, Swiss

Talpa, Tesseract, Serbia

Zyce, Teseract, Serbia

Audiomatic, Spin Twist, Germany

Unseen Dimensions, Spin Twist, Australia

Arctika, On Music, Swiss

Dualism, Blue Tunes, Swiss

Omiki, Prog On Syndicate, Israel

Senix, Swiss

The Riddler, Tesseract, Serbia

Human Element, Mikrokosmos / Iboga

♥ ♩♪♬ DJ Set's ♬♪♩♥

Gaby, Slovenia

Jasmin, Swiss

Face Design & Klangperle, Swiss

Bassforscher, Germany

Creator, Swiss

Pow Low, Hertz / Tanzwiese
many different deco teams from the globe will create again a magic world.

Amazing Multi Color Laser Show
☀ LOCATION ☀ Aktionshalle & Clubraum & Theatersaal & Ziegel
Alongside the beautiful lake Zurich we have a magical party space for us to dance in the light of the New Year. On the shores of Lake of Zurich & with a rich history of support of counter-culture & social awareness. This is the place to be to embrace the coming of the New Year & prime position to enjoy the Fireworks on lake Zurich, with a delicious international line up & amazing multi-continental decoration teams.

The Vortex Concept was born on the 24th November 1994, in the very year that South Africa was embracing Freedom & rejoicing in the birth of a new era, a truly magical & special time in African History, guided by a true visionary of Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, Nelson Mandela. Twenty years down the road, we invite you to please join us for our 20th Birthday Celebration at Rote Fabrik, a collaboration with Switzerlands Mindzone & a meeting of Psy Minds from 2 Continents.

Join us UNITED as we venture as ONE into the next 20 years of Psy-Culture in A Pure Psychedelic Sound Journey, ONE Amazing , ONE of a kind Swiss/African Psy-Trance Experience in a Magical Location. A Inter-Continental Collaboration between Vortex Trance Adventures, Open Source, Phoenix Festival of Fire & MindZone - co-creators of the Amazing ‘Let There Be Light’ New Year Parties... on the banks of Lake Zurich & Inspired by the last five years of Adventures, Friendships & Connections at The Circle Of Dreams in Cape Town South Africa.

Expect a state of the art combination of Art, Music & Technology, utilizing 20 Years of experience in the production of Indoor & Outdoor Psy-Trance party, on two continents, with the express aim of connecting YOU together as ONE…

"We share the same sun, we share the same light, And we share the same flight, We share the same rights. So many colors so many souls, Respect for each other & only one dream. It all becomes real with One Love, So many reasons to believe and share the same goal, my sun sets to rise again together forever.”

Open Source is a collaboration of like-minded, dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters committed to the revival of an authentic & profoundly transformative vibe in the Psy-Trance party scene. 'Open Source' is an ideal initiated in the technological community as a revolutionary response to elitist corporate culture & reflects a struggle against oppression that resonates on many levels within our world & every living being in it. This renegade movement promotes free, universal access & redistribution of a design or idea & its implementation. It is typically created as a collaborative effort in which all improve upon the code & share the changes within the community. It unifies us as co-creators of transformative acts in our evolution & expansion as a global, synchronized family.

The Psy-Trance Community is an expression of this integrated remix culture & holds exceptional power & responsibility for unity, harmony and global respect. We believe that by aligning with the open source paradigm we can unlock this potential as a radical catalyst for change. As small as this change may be, we recognize the significance of every creative element in the bigger picture, and hold conviction in our inherent role as light-workers for conscious metamorphosis.

Across two decades of whole-hearted involvement & allegiance to this community, we have come to know and work with many sensational people from all over the world who echo this cause. People who are committed to leaving behind all illusions of separateness - including politics, race and religion - by connecting as one through music and sharing the moment. Who believe that the road is as important as the destination itself? It is our goal to encourage & assist the collaboration of these visionaries, as well as the expansion of this awareness to others, sharing the gift of giving without wanting back in return.

With this in mind, our productions are geared at combining the idea of carnival with the idea of spiritual and material transformation. For us, it’s about keeping the counter cultural spirit alive; providing a safe and spiritually charged space in which people can let go and experience the ancient energies of the communal dance & what better place to celebrate this than in Rote Fabrikk, one of Zurich’s loved homes of counter-culture & community.

With a historical reputation of being a melting pot of cultures, traditions and energies , at this point in the history of humanity there couldn't be a better place to celebrate transformation of consciousness and the human potential for converting imagination into reality while welcoming a New Year…
Rote Fabrik Seestrasse 395, 8038 Zürich
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Friendly entry Fee at the gate: 40CHF
VKK Tickets 40CHF + 3,50CHF VKK = 43.50CHF

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