Universo Paralello # 9 - The New Years Festival Of Brazil · 28 Dec 2008 · Itubera (Brazil)


Universo Paralello # 9 - The New Years Festival Of Brazil

Open Air
· Over: 13y 11m
Line Up
:: Main Floor ::
Absolum - FR
Aerophobia - NL
Ajja - CH
Allaby - UK
Analog Drink - BR
Andromeda - SW
Aphid Moon – UK
Atmos - SW
Attoya - IL
Baphometh Engine - BR
Bash - BR
Braincell - CH
Broken Toy - SA
Burn in Noise - BR
Cannibal Barbecue - BR
Chakra - IL
Chromossome - SW
Cosmo Tech - BR
Day Din - GER
Dickster - UK
Earsugar - CH
Erotic Dream - BR
Etic - IL
Filteria - SW
FlowJob - DK
Freakulizer - CH
Headroom - SA
Helios - USA
Highko - GER
Hutti Heita - NR
Ital - CHI
Journey - UK
Liquid Soul - DK
Logica - BR
Magma ohm - BR
Megalopsy - AR
Mekkanikka - CH
Moia Act - CHI
Mubali - US
Naked Tourist - GER
Neuromotor - FR
Penta - RU
Perfect Stranger - IL
Phantom - BR
Polaris - FR
Polyphonia - GR
Psynema - ES
Puzzle - BR
Shadow-FX - AU
Shiva Joerg - GER
Sidhartha - PT
Silver Sourse - BR
S–Range - SW
Stereographic - BR
Sun Control Species - AU
System 7 - UK
Tacit - BR
Tetrameth - AU
The First Stone - BR
The Interactive - BR
The Reality Scientist - BR
Total Eclipse - FR
Tristan - UK
Tron - MX
Twenty-Eight - BR/MX
Vaishiyas - GER
Vazik - MX
X-piral - BR
Zaraus - PT
Aaron Smiles - AUS
Alpha - GER
Ans - UK
Caramaschi - BR
Cassiano Cruz - BR
CH5 - BR
Chicodelico - BR
Danyel - NL
Dimitri - UK
Dre - BR
Edoardo - IT
Ekanta - BR
Emok - DK
Fabio Leal - BR
Gaba - UK
Janczur & Paula - BR
Jowe - ARG
Mack - BR
Marco - IT
Marko - MCD
Marios - GR
Martin - CH
Max Grilo - BR
Mike - DK
Nazca - BR
Nick - IND
Onyks - BR
Pena - PT
Pr0fane - DK
Riches - NL
Sankha - MEX
Sarshas - BR
Shane Gobi - SA
Shove - MX
Sidao - BR
Swarup - BR
Thatha - BR
Treavor - US
Vinnix - BR
Vorax - BR

:: Goa Dance Floor ::
Green Nuns of the Revolution - UK
Slink Wizard - UK
System 7 - UK
Total Eclipse - FR
Krussedull - NR
Haxirai - PT
Yage - BR
S-Range - SW
Atomic Drop - AR
Metal Wizard - PT
Tacit - BR
Mental Control - BR
Demonizz - BR
Duophonix – BR
Godha – ARG
Stranger Doctor - BR
Hinnergy - BR

Chakra - IL
Joerg - DE
Nick - IN
Rica - BR
Boteon - BR
Gui - BR
Kali - BR
Mack - BR
Pedrão - BR
Penta - Rus
Pin - BR
Rodrigo CPU - BR
Ricardo Casserati - BR
Surkha - BR
Tathy - BR
Thomas - CHI
Xamã - BR
Zumbi - BR
Sarto - BR
Ahdi - BR
Guerra - BR
Jagna - BR
Sandrix - BR
Kitt - BR
Lincoln - BR
Divinoriom - BR
Fred - BR
Marcelo Dih - BR
Deutsch - BR

:: Alternative Stage ::
Agent 17 - SWE
Allan Villar - BR
Alaby + Ans - uk
Artech - BR
Azorsky aka Penta - RUS
Comom Sense - BR
Core Joy - BR
Crash - BR
Dods & Jr. - BR
Dr. Nojoke - GER
Dualisme - CH
Gabe - BR
Justice Unlimited - DK
Khainz - CH
Kootech - BR
Kriminal Groove - BR
Monoloc - GER
Petrucci & Lisboa - BR
Phantazma - BR
Pilula/Rami - BR
Propulse - BR
Sassah - BR
System 7 - UK
Techsystem - BR
Tominugen - BR
Xavier - BR


Al3 - BR
Audrey - BR
Beto Natal - BR
Biel Precoma - BR
Bob - BR
Cairy - BR
Cesinha - BR
Chico aquino - BR
Daniel Avelar - BR
Dann - BR
Dimitri Nakov - UK
Dizzy - br
Dré - BR
Edoardo - ITA
Fabio Leal - BR
Mike Frugaletti - US
Tatto - BR
Drezinho - BR
Du Ramalho - BR
Eli Iwasa - BR
Ezio - BR
Fanter - BR
Felzener - BR
Flow e Zeo - BR
Gabriel Boni - BR
Gas James - UK
Glaucia ++ - BR
Gustavo Peluzo - BR
Hamelin - MEX
Hawk - BR
Hoper - BR
inPacto - BR
Isa Ordini - BR
John Ohm - UK
Jokke - DK
Jorge Barker - UK
King Roc - UK
Konka - BR
Kore - MEX
Laurent F - BR
Logah - BR
Marcelinho - BR
Matera - BR
Miss Cooller - BR
Murilo - BR
Mutley - BR
Oscar Bueno - BR
Paul Manzoni - BR
Paulo Jardin - BR
Pena - PT
Pepa - BR
Pil Marques - BR
Fabio Pzz - BR
Rafa K - BR
Rafael Crispin - BR
Rafael Cury - BR
Raoni - BR
Renata - BR
Sadao Oshiro - BR
Talita Lamha - BR
Teko - BR
Tom Clark - GER
Tom Real - UK
Tong Groove
Uver - BR
Vivi Seixas - BR
V.O.R. - BR
Willian Henry - BR
Xingu - BR
Zun o - BR
Infos Soon
Infos Soon
In our 9th edition, Universo Paralello invites everyone once again to be with us in the paradisiacal sands of Pratigi Beach.

The Festival’s natural path is towards Alternative Culture and we would like to push it even further into the realms of multiculturalism. We will bring you not only the most representative names of national and global electronic music, but also a wide array of parallel activities: art and culture, shaped into workshops, shows and performances by artists from the four corners of the world.

The city of Ituberá and its people will once again be ready to welcome the public whole-heartedly. We should make ourselves worthy of such a noble attitude and always pay due respect to local traditions and bring our best energies to such a generous space that is offered to our fantastic tribe.

Everyone is welcome at Universo Paralello.

The Place
For the sixth consecutive year the Festival will be held at Pratigi Beach, in the township of Ituberá, in the state of Bahia. After years of recognized benefits for the township, the Festival is increasingly considered as part of the city’s heritage by the local population.

Situated 160km south of the capital city of Salvador, Ituberá lies in a privileged position between the Island of Boipeba and the Barra Grande Peninsula – two of the countries most beautiful tourist attractions.

Pratigi Beach is surrounded by a network of mangroves and is the home to a wide and lush variety of wildlife. The area is also surrounded by preserved fauna and is one of the last remaining preserved Restinga (littoral) Forests in Brazil – which grants it the official title of Environmental Preservation Area.

Just as in previous years, the Festival is forever underscoring the importance of enviromental issues. Our specialized crew, under the supervision of the local IBAMA office(Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), has set up a recycling plant for all residues produced during the Festival. In all previous editions of the Festival, Universo Paralello has left the beach cleaner than we found it.

• Camping site for 8 days by the beach
• 7 days of music
• Artistic and cultural activities – Circulou at UP
• Alternative Fair
• internet on the beach
• Travel Agency working on-line
• Restaurants
• Bars
• Snack shops
• 24-hour medical emergency unit
• 24-hour lifeguard
• Security
• Showers with clean (treated) water
• Restrooms (24-hour maintenance and cleaning crew)
• Refreshing water sprays at the Main Dance Floor
• Safe parking lot
• Transportation from Parking Lot to Camping Site (charged)

Travel Tips

For all of you who are coming from all different parts of the world, here are a few tips that will make your arrival easier and cheaper:

Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, is our major reference. It lies about 170 km to the north of Ituberá – the county where Pratigi Beach, the festival venue, is located. Salvador has an international airport.

From Salvador there are many way to get to the festival. The most common one is through the Ferry Boat, which leaves from a port in the downtown area. The Ferry Boat crosses the All Saints Bay (Baía de Todos os Santos) and docks in the city of Bom Despacho, on the island of Itaparica. In Bom Despacho there are regular bus lines and shuttle vans to Ituberá. The fare for the Ferry Boat is €1,25 and the bus fare from Bom Despacho to Ituberá is €6,00.

If you rent a car in Salvador, the Ferry Boat charges about €10,00 for the automobile and an additional €1,25 for each passenger.

Another way to reach Ituberá from Salvador is by bus. The company Águia Branca has regular lines leaving from the central bus station in Salvador. The five-hour trip cost about €9,00 and covers a distance of around 350km.

Delays and full rides are common. Please be tolerant.

The fastest way to get to the festival is by hiring one of the companies that will be doing shuttle services for the festival and will leave you in the front gate! Please check directly with the companies for fares and schedules.

Here are a few tips that might save a few bucks for those who are flying into the country:

Being a major tourist destination, Salvador is constantly faced with full flights from and to its airport (Airport Luiz Eduardo Magalhães). So, if you include Salvador in your air route, which might raise your spendings a bit. One way to avoid this is to arrive in the country in another of Brazil`s international airports and than complete the journey in domestic flights, excursions, rented car or bus.

The best airport option in Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo. It has a bigger international flight availability and more options for domestic flights. The Congonhas Airport, also located in the city of São Paulo, is only a few miles away and also has many options for domestic flights.

Other gateway options are Rio de Janeiro (Tom Jobim International Airport), Belo Horizonte (Confins Airport), Recife (Guararapes Airport), and Fortaleza (Pinto Martins International Airport). Check for fares from these airports to the city of Salvador. If you want to check flight tickets, transfers or any other service, please check with the travel agencies partners: (Link to E3).

Besides flying to the festival, you can also choose from other options:
A cheaper option is to book an excursion trip to the festival in advance. There will be bus excursions leaving from most international airports in the country. Depending on the distance, the trip might take even more that 24 hours, but they are usually nice trips. The busses are in good shape and full of party people. The fares are usually for a round trip. It`s important to check for fares and dates and make your reservation in advance.

All others useful info’s check our main website: [art.br]
Pratigi Beach / Bahia / Brazil
Entry fee
Price and Conditions

Due we won’t do presales out of Brazil, all foreigners will have the right to buy promotional and unlimited tickets at the entrance of the Festival. Just show your passport.

Online Tickets

Telefones: (11) 3294-7003 / (11) 3294-7001
E-mail: rodrigo@psyte.com.br
Site: [com.br]

Single Price: R$ 260,00 (about € 107,00)
Universo Paralello & Vagalume Family
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