UNIVERSE TRAVELER · 23 Jun 2012 · Oslo (Norway)


Line Up
PSYSEX - Israel
Very special guest ...what can i say
Personally ... my favorite ever in Psy Trance - Big Time !! what a pleasure gonna have him playing live on my own stage

Formed by Udi Sternberg (aka. DJ Goblin) and Yoni Oshrat (aka. Schatsi, Ace Ventura). They started working together in 1998 under the name “Children of the Doc”. In 1999 the project adopted their present name and released their debut album “Expressions of Rage” which was successfully followed by the release of their breakthrough follow up albums “Hardcore Blastoff” in 2001 and “Come in Peace” in 2003. “Remixed” a remix album was released in 2005, that included remixes from top psychedelic trance producers such as : Domestic & Pixel , Eskimo, Panick, GMS, Wrecked Machines, Violet Vision and more.

In 2006, Yoni left the project and started to write his own music under the names Ace Ventura and Schatsi. Udi is still making music by the name Psysex
MODAHL- Norway
Modahl had his first gig with Electric Fusion and has played at many of the parties even though it's been a while since last time. Had gigs at various places in the Oslo area, and organized their own parties themselves. Play all genres from deep house to dark psy, and coming this evening to play funky proggy trance

Special guest
One of the man behind Genesis Project

30 year old William discovered electronic dance music at the mere age of 11 thru his older brother. From acid house in the early -90´s up to Goa trance mid -90´s and later on to the progressive style of trance that totally mesmerized William in the end of the -90´s.

After hearing the first tracks released from the nowadays legendary Son Kite guys, William knew that progressive was his way to go.

Beeing a busy underground partyvisitor during the start of y2k and onwards, the urge for beeing "that guy" behind the deck grew ever stronger. And after some years of practicing on his mates decks, finally he got a chance of playing a 1st ever djset at one of Gothenburgs most frequent underground partyvenues. This was in 2005....the rest as we say...is history.
William, under the djname SounDoG, started to play more and more throughout the swedish underground scene. With gigs ranging all over the country and over to Denmark, playing alongside many major progressive artists at events such as Tam Tam in Copenhagen .His progressive sets was very welcome, since at the time, most of the parties mostly featured fullon and/or faster psymusic in Sweden.

In 2010, William also started playin under a second dj-alias "DJ DirtDoG" , playing allsorted techno and tech-house which are styles that always had a special place in his heart since his younger years.

In 2009 he teamed up with his best friend Reza and opened up the gates for a new clubconcept in central Gothenburg called "Genesis Project", Featuring massive international liveacts like Ace Ventura, Rocky, Gaudium, Quantize, Ritmo, Atmos, Johnson, Earsugar, Ticon etc.. The club concept focused on massive sound rigs , hi tech light/visual effects and a wicked venue, and was from the start a great success with a sold out venue eveytime. The great Ace Ventura even decided to commemorate the club but naming a track "Genesis" since he had a blast playing there.

In the year of 2012, Genesis Project goes all out and are hosting a true outdoor electronic festival, the first of its kind in Sweden!

PeterPan is Dj/Producer & Promotor from Oslo Norway , under his own label NeverLand Productions and Electric Fusion residence
Norways Best Prog Master
Since last year he have produce his own Proggy tunes
Sounds like Alien
The passionate man loves spreading his music, make people happy
and offcourse he delivers only the best.
Never grow up!
Sounds sytsem by CES - Creative Entertainment Solutions

Visuals by PetroLina | Deco by Rabbithole and NeverLand Productions

Photographer by "Egil ૐ Haugl"i - Canon Hunk

We are all love Universe and we are all Traveler
by Music , we are all connected
Mars trip was fantastic , let's do the Moon dreams now

This party dedicated to support GENESIS FESTIVAL 5-8 july (Genesis Project) in Sweden

SuperB line up - House , Techno , Progressive , Full On
Don't miss this !!

and celebrating Electric Fusion the faithful crew - Laras Normansen
We love b'day ;)
This is a closed party , important to sign in to mail list within friday- june 22 to : carolina@electricfusion.no

Always , Party with your best behavior and prepare to visit the MOON ;)

With Love
UberGround - Secrel Location
Electric Fusion
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