Triplicity - Isolation Stations · 23 May 2020 · Bristol (United Kingdom)

Triplicity - Isolation Stations

Virtual Event
Over: 1y 3m
Party Flyer Triplicity - Isolation Stations 23 May '20, 10:00
Party Flyer Triplicity - Isolation Stations 23 May '20, 10:00
Line Up
Line Up
The Line Up & Program is looking ridiculous - and will be released super soon!!

Watch this space!
Multiple VJ's & Art!
Triplicity - Isolation Stations
Hosted by: Dance Culture
Saturday 23rd May & Sunday 24th May 2020

We’re super stoked to announce a brand new concept in the world of virtual entertainment. After knocking various heads we’re trying something new to combat the woes of these troublesome times.

The events industry is in a pretty dire place. Across all areas of the arts, creative individuals and smaller independent ventures are in financial difficulties - unable to share their talents in the usual format, so lets try something new!

With Dance Culture providing the solid platform and ingenuity we have planned a full weekend of Triplicity lushness - encompassing all areas of Triplicity Music & Arts Festival, albeit in a rather different style to our usual blast fest.

Expect a full weekend of live streaming high grade:

::: Our World :::

Blasting 4/4 psychedelic trance beats across the full spectrum, including Prog, Dark Prog, Full On, Nighttime, Twilight, Hi Tech & more.

::: The Underworld :::

Keeping the underground bass music vibes alive you’ll find deep whompy chill out, psy breaks, heavy techno, dark prog and more!

::: The Other World :::

Talks, workshops, performers, raffles & competitions.

::: The Temple of Art :::

An Online platform showcasing the finest in homegrown psychedelic & visual art across all mediums, with the ability to buy art & support the artists.

::: The Marketplace :::

Expect the usual amalgamation of trippy, comfy & glamourous wears from the independent traders who frequent Triplicity each year.

::: Merch :::

Order killer Triplicity & Dance Culture swag: eco, organic, psychedelic wear & accessories.


Get ready to turn it up & have a solid weekend of killer times :)

Ticket info coming soon!


♥ ♥ ♥
Sound Styles

The focus of this event is to be artist centric - and that’s where the £3 +bf charge comes in. Keeping the creative legends who rock our scene able to blast is the aim.

We’ll break down the funds (after data costs are covered) as follows:

50% to the Artists (Music & VJ’s)
25% to Dance Culture (To cover the costs involved in hosting this event, behind the scenes people power and data costs)
25% to Triplicity (As you can imagine, this year is gonna hit us hard - every little helps to keep us afloat!)

“It's all about the music but the music wouldn't exist without the artist.

Since this global pandemic we at Dance Culture have been staying on the beat with our dance floor industries. Usually we work closely with artists and DJs and we notice more than ever, they need our support. We have created an ‘Artist-Centric’ social enterprise solution to support our event scenes. Artists and DJs are the very basis of our dancefloors and we present the encompassing solution to make sure our creative industries continue to thrive."

If you are in financial difficulties - please do contact us via the button on the website with a small note and we’ll grant you an access code anyways, we are running this on trust and hope you all respect that.

& finally - all Triplicity Music & Arts Festival ticket holders obviously gain entry as you are unfathomably kick ass!
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