TRIMURTI 16 May '09, 21:00
Party flyer: TRIMURTI 16 May '09, 21:00
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NECROPSYCHO (dead tree/no comment rec.)



Necropsycho was formed in 2003 by two friends, and Hermann Nuccho.
In the city of Guarulhos, Brazil.
His productions are based on heavy melodies, timbres lunticos, creating an atmosphere to obscure
influences from Goatrance, Hardcore, and Industrial Gabba.
In 2004 began to conquer space in Sao Paulo(brazil), the main party/festival dedicated to dark psychedelic.
Starting with the aim to highlight the scenario Dark Psychedelic, passed by large festival in SP,
MG and GO, playing alongside goods national and international artists.
In 2006, were invited to participate in various labels and started the calls for the first
releases of the project.
Today, the project Necropsycho is driven only by Nuccho in this route, initiating their songs
for goods labels the scenario dark (Labels Brazilian Dead Tree productions, Mind and rec Tweakers
Metropolis Rec. And the international No Comment rec., Shaman Films Rec, Triplag music, Dark rec...)
its first EP, which was launched MAio of 2008 with the label Metropolis rec, and now is preparing
a "split album," with artists and Demonizz Bash, which will be launched by the Dead Tree Productions,
in the second half of 2008.

In August 2008 his first start Tour outside Brazil, is presented in Guatemala and Costa Rica in September 2008 is presented for you first time in Europe, is presenting in several countries, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland.
Starts in 2009, is already getting ready for next gig in Mexico and the second time in Europe.
Namuani (Schalldichter)

AlFatal (Scared Evil Rec.,BassIntoxication) b2b Virux (BassIntoxication)

Seth (Creative Jungle) Italy

Xeromorph (Creative Jungle) Italy
So das ist die letzte indoor für diesen winter und ich hoffe mit necropsycho einen würdigen abschlussgast gebucht zu haben

weiters möchte ich noch auf mein open air am 22.august in oberösterreich hinweisen ein reines dark fest mit erstklassigem line up



21.00-22.00 Psykos
22.00-23.30 Namuani
23.30-01.30 Al Fatal vs. Virux
03.00-04.30 Seth
04.30-06.00 Xeromorph
Live Stage

look for this link []
Dj Psykos and Dj Senang
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