TRIBE Gathering II

TRIBE Gathering II 22 Mar '19, 22:00
Party flyer: TRIBE Gathering II 22 Mar '19, 22:00
Line Up
Line Up
The spring awakening story will be brought to you by:

~Flying Carpet team:
* Sun Wu-Kong
* Kodro
* Agent Mushroom
~rezident DJ:
* Nexetuku
🐻🐨🐼🐯All of us who are connected by Psytrance - let's Dance together again! 🦌🦁🦊🐧

TRIBE GATHERING is a social event created with utmost passion and love for the TRIBE and MUSIC which is it's strongest binding link.

The need for strong, deep, quality and transcendental stimuli of psychedelic stories, which is constantly being unfolded on our home dancefloor, has made us ignite the dancing flame yet again.

All of us will co-create it together in perfection on the dancefloor when we will let ourselves go to the heart touching story.

This edition of the Tribe Gathering will also be dedicated to all the children born in March.

Welcome to a warm tribing time.

Your Riot ♥
Plac Boris, Tovarna Rog, Trubarjeva 72, 1000 Ljubljana
Entry fee
Entry fee
Party RIOT
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