TRANSOWKA "To Be.." 23 Mar '19, 22:00
Party flyer: TRANSOWKA "To Be.." 23 Mar '19, 22:00
Line Up
▂▃▅▇█▓▒ PSYTRANCE STAGE ▒▓█▇▅▃▂

Hooryama LIVE (D Noir Rec) – Italia

Tskun LIVE (D Noir Rec ) – Italia

Jaz Zu (New Moon) – Mielec
Kace (Fantazja) – Wwa
Mabeat (Light in the Black) – Wwa
PaniKa ( No Comment Records ) - Wwa
Gobit ( No Comment Records ) - Wwa
Leo Rafen (LS, NCR, Equinox Project) - Wwa

▂▃▅▇█▓▒ CHILLOUT STAGE ▒▓█▇▅▃▂

Arma (Lesna Szajka) - Wwa
Temple of Dakini Live Koncert [Live in Concert] Warszawa
Heliocentrism [Blue Tones Chillout] Warszawa
Nag Champa - Wwa
Pszczola UV, Light in the Black, , UV Back Drops, FX Light, ChaiShop
VooDoo Club
Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A (dawne Bema 65)
01-242 Warsaw
Entry fee
Entry fee
50 PLN (12e)
(48) 516471447 Leorafen
Leorafen · 952
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