Trance Needs Women 2019 9 Mar '19, 18:00
Party flyer: Trance Needs Women 2019 9 Mar '19, 18:00
Line Up
Line Up
Djane Andrea Alvarez [ES] independent (?)
Djane G [LT] independent (forest, darkpsy, hi-tek)
Djane Indyra [ES] Kids Of The Sun / Zahori (psytrance, fullon)
Djane Ingrid [ES] independent (hardtek for the end)
Djane MIR [SRB] Global Sect / DAT Records / Ages Of Love (oldschool goatrance)
Kids Of The Sun & Black Hole Design & volunteers

One day after the international womens' day, this trance-based party will have ONLY WOMEN DJS :)

One-night-long, donation-based free psychedelic party in the nature.
We will not making bar.
Please don't bring alcohol for sell!
Bring your foods and drinks. Don't forget your drinking water.
Please take your rubbish away!
Atresania (handcraft things), bodypaint, uv shop are welcome
We will make food, coffe, tee, chai for donation.
Helping hand and minds are welcome!


Un día después del día internacional de la mujer, esta fiesta tendrá SOLO MUJERES DJS.

Una fiesta psicodélica gratuita de una noche basada en donaciones en la naturaleza.
No vamos a hacer bar.
Por favor, no traiga alcohol para vender!
Traiga sus alimentos y bebidas. No se olvide de su agua potable.
Por favor, llevate tu basura!
Atresania, bodypaint, uv tienda bienvenida
Haremos la comida, café, té, chai para la donación.
Ayudar a las manos y las mentes son bienvenidos!


Background visual by Black Hole Design / Photo by László Ocskó
Tenerife South, Canary Islands, Spain
[ more info soon ]
Entry fee
Entry fee
Kids Of The Sun
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