Theater Of Sickness 27 May '17, 20:00
Party flyer: Theater Of Sickness 27 May '17, 20:00
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Društvo Universe in Šaleški Študentski Klub v okviru Dnevi Mladih in Kulture ponosno predstavljata:

Theater Of Sickness with FUNGUS FUNK! #DMK27

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- Zgodba lanskoletnega Theater of Secrets se nadaljuje. Društvo Universe in Šaleški študentski klub združujeta moči pri organizaciji open air bolanije: Theater of Sickness.
Na idilični lokaciji Letnega kina ob Škalskem jezeru smo lani skupaj odkrivali in iskali skrivnosti z Goasio. Še preden se je noč konačala, smo teatrove skrivnosti razvozlali -- ugotovili smo, da so popolnoma SICK. V želji po brezskrbni zabavi še naprej, smo letos na pomoč poklicali ruski tank, ki sliši na ime Fungus Funk. 27. maja bo zbombandiral in uničil to grozno skrivnost!

-Universe crew in asocciation with Šaleški študentski klub proudly presents their second outdoor event as a part of DMK festival. The event will take place on an idyllic location called Letni kino, which happens to be right by the lake.

Last year we were discovering secrets of Letni kino with Goasia and others and we found out that we can throw a really sick party. This year we have decided to call on our russian friend Fungus Funk to help us destroy last years secrets with an even better party.

Line up:

-FUNGUS FUNK (pixan/sangoma)- Russia

Fungus Funk aka Sergey Prilepa, the legendary Russian psytrance artist began writing psychedelic tunes right before the Millenium and started to release the first Fungus Funk tracks in 2001 on record labels like Acidance Records, Discovalley or Crystal Matrix and many others. His famous debut album called “F People” came out on Acidance in 2006 overflowing with groovy baselines, aggressive synths, warm melodies and those signature psychedelic atmospheres you can still experience on every Fungus Funk release ever since, be it an own composition or a remix made for a fellow musician. The second full-length Fungus Funk album found his home at half Russian, half Australian label Blitz Music, where Sergey released his third and last album to date as well in 2010 called “Electric Grooves”.

The original Fungus Funk sound always keeps a masterful balance of complex textures and arrangements that lead the listener through a deep and interesting journey of that hazy period of time between the psychedelic night and morning. These days Fungus Funk is busy working on the material of his forthcoming new studio album and interesting side-projects such as releasing under the name Astroff or collaborating with fellow psytrance musicians like Para Halu, Obliviant, Drip Drop, Virtual Light and more.


-ZWOOK (Dancing Dragon, Spiritual Submarine, Apsurdistan)

"Bojan Vukic aka dj Zwook ( Zvuk ) is well known Slovenian psy & goa trance dj, producer,promotor and talented graphic designer.
He started his dj career back in the break of dawn of the 21st century. With his fellow djs Tyma & Naveen, he started organizing first indoor & outdoor psy-trance parties in the country. Together they managed to bring some of the most notorious live acts and djs to Slovenia and built up the foundation of psy-trance movement in the country. He held residency at best underground clubs in Ljubljana and rest of the country. Channel Zero, Gala Hala and K4 to name a few. Nowadays he's playing for collective Dancing Dragon and running his own party organization Apsurdistan and Spiritual Submarine.
His good sense of musical storytelling, technical sophistication and charisma behind the decks makes him one of the most desirable psy trance djs in Slovenia. As a dj with millions rpms of experience, his magic pocket of music selection is deep and vast. However, his sound is most likely to be hard and emotive, never linear and dry, but dynamic and rich. As a dj who gives his soul for the dancefloor, his sets are the unforgetful experience.
Numerous of dj sets in his country took him also abroad. He played throughout Balcan, most of Europe, India and Australia, such festivals as Antaris Project, FullMoon Festival, Life Celebration Festival, Koupadelik and numerous parties with artists like Chromatone, Scorb, Space Tribe, Sun Project, Digital Talk, Iliuchina, Hiyamizo, Midi Miliz, Xenomorph, Alien Project, Astral Projection, Zen Mechanic, Earthling, Talpa etc...


NIBIRU (Dancing Dragon)

Nibiru, aka Bor Košnik is a young psychedelic DJ from Kranj, Slovenia. Since very young age he was interested in psychedelic music. He first heard Juno Reactor in movie soundtracks like Mortal Combat and Matrix, but was too young to know what it was all about…The sounds he heard as just a kid were apparently never forgotten – soon he came back in touch with psychedelia in local squats and got hooked for good. In 2011, one Very special night at Ozora festival changed everything. Suddenly he realised the massive revolutionary potential of psytrance culture – the post-national, culture dissolving, sincere nature of the psychedelic playground we call the dance floor. Soon after »the Event« he decided to become a DJ and bought the necessary gear. His favorite sound is Forest psychedelia with dirty, punky, driving bass lines and twisted vibes. Deeply influenced by counter-culture, Nibiru draws his inspiration from extreme metal and industrial music resulting in relentless dynamic sets with a tempo range of about 147 – 155 bpm. After playing in many local clubs, squats and outdoor parties he was recruited by Dancing Dragon Psychedelic, the leading psychedelic party crew in Slovenia.


EaAruru Bit (Sladko Mučenje)

EaArurus sound is best described using the words deep, dark, heavy and fast. Known for playing fast psychedelic dance music (darkpsy, psycore, hi-tech), her sets often lean heavily on ambient sounds that create a hypnotic mood on the dancefloor. However she never lacks ingenuity and intelligence as her selection often includes complex music uncommon to most psychedelic dancefloors.
She also successfully strives to manifest all her musical knowhow into a meaningful storyline.
It’s safe to say that a set of EaAruru is not to be missed.


More TBA..


-Mushroom Magic Lights

Vstopnina/entry: 10€

Letni kino ob Škalskem jezeru, Velenje
Entry fee
Entry fee
entry: 10€
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