The last night in psychedelic trance 21 Oct '17, 21:00
Party flyer: The last night in psychedelic trance 21 Oct '17, 21:00
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Limited edition PSYTRANCE party

Volgen om de details door te krijgen!

Allerlaatste kans om een "Psybration" party mee te maken zoals we ze tussen 1998 en 2001 maakten! meer info komt op deze pagina, +/-100 feesters worden uitverkoren!
Line up:

DJ Jimbo (Psybration BE) mixcloud

Dj Narayan (Psybration BE) mixcloud

DJ Djoanna (Waldfrieden DE) soundcloud

Dj Narayan (Psybration BE) [click here]

DJ Jimbo (Psybration BE) [click here]
Psybration, Atelier Bertold & friends, liquid light projections by Akis Akeem
Almost 20 years ago, psybration where the second biggest goa and psytrance parties in Belgium featuring international guests. When the scene got saturated and was lifted from the underground to the mainstreem, we decided that our excistence was no longer needed. But we still had to make a final party, this is it!
Tussen Malmedy en Sankth Vith, details komen last minute, camping possible until sunday evening! (free ofcourse)
Entry fee
Entry fee
12€ presale
Jimmy Hendrickx
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