The Hidden Relic

The Hidden Relic 1 Jun '19, 13:00
Party flyer: The Hidden Relic 1 Jun '19, 13:00
Line Up

Metaphyz – Funky Freaks / Insomnia / Vargmal Records
First Time in Ireland

Mark Day - Blue Hour Sounds

Jötunn - Treetrolla Records
First time in Ireland

Sionnach - Independent/Shunyata Records

Lah Narrad - Woo Dog Records


DJ Mikel - Parvati Records
First time in Ireland

Psykia - Vantara Vichitra/Banyan/Milega Records
First time in Ireland

Sotols - Galactic Groove Records

Ajnasoul - Subsystem Records

JuliosMap - Psychedelic Gaff/Oggy Club Dublin

Agalaxy - Independent

Kalizer - Full Moon Psytrance Ireland

Multicopy & Estera

Organic Joy - Galactic Groove Records

Dernek - Shunyata Records

Wirey Wizard

Tajji - Altry Crew

Indian LND - Altry Crew/Axios Records

Hypknotoad - Altry Crew / Shunyata Records

Powered by Void Sound System

Verticon Decoration
First Time in Ireland

Fractal Soul Decor

Estera and Loopy Look
On a pilgrimage in February, the Crew found themselves in the mountains where they agreed to host a party. They made a sacrifice and bathed themselves in the blood of a rabbit. After performing a cleansing ritual, washing away the blood they knew that The Hidden Relic was born.

This year Altry Crew are hosting our first Psychedelic Trance extravaganza. This June we invite you to uncover the mystery with us.

20 hours of Psychedelic Trance music in the Leitrim Highlands.

- The party is BYOB.

- Recycling bins - so we leave the beautiful land as we found it.

- Fancy a rest? Bring your tents, camping area available.

Save the date,

1st of June - Bank Holiday weekend.


-Keep it hidden-

Altry Crew
Private Location
Location will be shared for tickets holders only.
Entry fee
Entry fee
Altry Crew
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