TECHGNOSIS 22 Jun '19, 12:00
Party flyer: TECHGNOSIS 22 Jun '19, 12:00
Line Up
*CHILD OF NIGHT* (Ohmnium Records)
*DARIUS* (Plan B)
*LLUL* (Psilocybe / Psyvilla)
*LYNX* (Sporas Return)
*NEUROSIS* (Play Hard)
*PALMARIGEN* (Psyvilla)
*PSYCUTA* (Psyvilla)
*PSYDE B* (Psilocybe / Psyvilla)
*PSYKHOPOMP* (Psyvilla / Skizodelic / Fullmoongui)
*RA MOON* (Fussion Crew / Art One Rec.)
*T3CHGN0S1S* (Psyvilla / Skizodelic / Fullmoongui)

+ TBA...
Psyvilla Crew

After a while without starting the ship, we met again to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice at the pace of the best psytrance in the galaxy and in the best possible company.

As the heat has arrived to accompany us for a few months we will look for the best possible place, with good shade and with enough space to play and share another magical moment with the family.

We will have all the technological tools ready to access other dimensions ... See you on the space launch platform! Cosmic hugs!
Las permas (Sevilla city area, near the Olympic Stadium of La Cartuja)... Exact location here--> []
Entry fee
Entry fee
Free party!
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