Svetlanna Vjerina Uzunnovic · 17 May 2019 · Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Svetlanna Vjerina Uzunnovic

· Over: 3y 8m
Line Up
Line Up
ETNICA (Etnicanet Records)

local support:
DJ TSUJO TWITCH (Mami's Magic)
DJ TIANN (Forestdelic Records)
DJ NIBIRU (Chagga Records)
Deco wizards ; Mushroom Magic Lights
The summer is coming and with her time to dance under the the moonlight and starry sky .
Before we leave to various festivals, we will dance in proper tribal style in the best club of the city .
The latest edition of Mami's Magic will be in a true Goa style with the legend of Psy scene, which has been formed since the early 90s.

Ibiza-based Milanese duo Max Lanfranconi and Maurizio Begotti are Electronic music producers extraordinaire, ETNICA have pioneered the global phenomenon that is psychedelic trance since the late 80's as doyens and undisputed innovators, trail-blazing the planet with their charismatic live performances as constant favorites on international line-ups at all of the world's top events.
Simply put, they are among the most acclaimed artists of their kind, with a growing legion of fans that span the entire planet.

ETNICA have given us an imposing array of classics starting from their debut album 'The Juggling Alchemist Under the Blacklight' and their sophomore album 'Alien Protein', which set the tone for the illustrious sequence of 7 artist albums up until present day.

Their countless hit singles feature on all of the best labels (including Spirit Zone, Blue Room Released, Dragonfly, Flying Rhino,Solstice Music, and Neurobiotic to name only a few) and legendary hits such as TRIPTONITE and VIMANA have endlessly been remixed by admiring artists all over the world, throughout the years.

Do we need to say anything more ...

Age ; 18+

No smoking in the club

Wardrobe is by the entrance
KUD Channel Zero
Metelkova City
Metelkova 10
Entry fee
Entry fee
13 €
Mami's Magic & KUD Channel Zero
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