SUPERNATURAL - Energy Activation - Transformative Event · 22 Feb 2022 · London (United Kingdom)


SUPERNATURAL - Energy Activation - Transformative Event

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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want & you can not help but get that reality”
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- Mind - Body - Self -

Energy Activation 22.2.22 Transformational Event

£22 + booking fee

On this once-in-a-millenium phenomena of "Twosday", Supernatural X Dance Culture will guide you through a specially choreographed evening of energetic realinement, wellbeing practice and transformation.

The past three years since our first event have been one hell of a rollercoaster ride!! It is time to shed those old energies, make space for the new and step into YOU.

“If you wish to know the secrets to the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla
This event will be a multi-sensory experience of frequency-based wellbeing and healing practices. Healing doesn't have to be "hippy" - We are honoured to be hosting this event at FOLD, voted the UK’s Best Small Club by DJMag which quite literally has the best Sound System this side of Berlin - providing us with the best quality frequencies for our unique Bass Therapy Experience and more...

Bridging the gap between conscious wellbeing and quality nightlife this is a non-judgemental, fully accepting safe space for all (18+). For all levels of understanding and experience, newbies to advanced - You just need to be open to the experience. The past in the past, in the present we can shape our future.


This event is a specifically timed series of immersive and interactive workshops led by incredible practitioners - it has been orchestrated to allow for your highest vibration to arrive and your energy to activate.

You must attend the entire event



EVENT WILL RUN 19:30 - 23:00

Capacity limited to 222 persons

Your ticket includes 22g Sacred Ceremonial Cacao drink worth £7

Upon the purchase of your ticket please watch your text messages for a link to basic preparations - This will be a series of videos explaining each section of the event and if you need to prepare anything in advance. We suggest you pay attention to these for maximum effect of the night.

You will need to bring either a yoga mat, a blanket or even a beach towel - Some parts of the event will be preferred lying down or seated. Water and soft drinks will be available at the venue.

Sequence of the event

Ticket check

Individual Fire Ritual - Letting go (See prep video)

Confidential Confessions - Release your secrets that hold you back (See prep video)

Sacred Sage Smudging - Energy Cleansing Ritual

Intention Walk (See prep video)

A moment to put your belongings in a provided locker.

Upon entrance into the main space you will be presented with a cup of Sacred Ceremonial Cacao from CacaoAmor. This will be an individual serve of 22g, prepared in the traditional ceremonial way using Ecuadorian cacao from indigenious tribesland.

This is allergen-free and vegan. Cacao is a beautiful subtle plant medicine and superfood which will relax the mind, while gently energising the system ready for the duration of the event. It is a known Heart Chakra opener and will help stimulate your individual activation.

19:30 - Sacred Opening of the Event with Erica Fi - Your participation will be required.

19:40 - Understanding the basics of the Human Energy System an engaging presentation - With Steph Bennett, founder of Supernatural & Dance Culture

20:00 - Gong Bath & Psychedelic Acoustic Sound Therapy Journey with Yogic Sound

20:30 - Alignment & Alter the State of Consciousness through Yoga, Breathwork & Crystal Meditation with Shai of Namashai Yoga

21:00 - Movement Activation with Maria Brauburger of Moving Instinct

21:10 - Bass Therapy Experience

21:15 - DANCE: Active intention/meditation set with Anilian LIVE 90mins

(22:22 - Energetic activation!)

22:50 - Bass Grounding & Sacred Closing of the Event with Erica Fi

23:00 - Close


Together we will co-create the Supernatural energy leading upto the 22nd second of the 22nd minute of the 22nd hour ; on the 22nd day , of the 2nd day of the week ; In the 2nd month of the year , on the 22nd year of the 2nd millennium.

Energy & spiritual practitoners and philosophers are describing this date as:

“Higher frequency portal of higher potential”
"The connecting of the mind, body and spirit for wholeness. Allowing us to manifest and bring healing to our entire being."
“Time to unlock a new reality”
"Bringing the balance of energies. It represents the truth of the self, your authenticity"
Come as you are, open your Hz
FOLD, Gillian house, Stephenson St, London E16 4SA
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Dance Culture X Supernatural
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