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7m 30d #1 GoldenerSchnitt

Line Up
SUN Tribe 2018 - indeed this gathering is and was SUN
smiling and laughing faces and so much more of it!

Proven New- and Oldschool served from the masters of wheel and ceremony on a really special floor - green untouched grass with the right decoration and colours! such a beauty - the floor itself :-)
I recommend to never change where the sun stage is located

Unmistakably activating sound - from ceremony downtempo in the beginning to uplifting, GOA mindset all day long!

THANK YOU ALL so much for all!
Don't change your mindset and style - to me this is the SUN.
No alcohol for sale - real disciplined GOA mindset all over - much more of it! So much power and energy - I will never forget this

Sound system perfect for me - real power on the floor, never blasted
My priceless thanks to all helping hands organizing this gathering, to put and bring together this selection of acts and people

P.S.: Special thanks to Pieter Pan - keep your very specific energy meeting and getting to know people you even have never seen before - in your very special way :-) Thank you for that, especially Anoebis and all others