SunTrance 11 Nov '18, 11:00
Party flyer: SunTrance 11 Nov '18, 11:00
Line Up
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Let’s get right to the pOint 🎯

Line up:

-PsyKoTrip Live (The Psy Family Prod) 🇨🇭

-Solar Impulse Live (The Psy Family Prod) 🇫🇷

-FluorEnzo Live (Kundalini Records) 🇵🇹

-ThallOm Dj-Set (Expo Records) 🇧🇷

-Psyrenzo Dj-Set (TRANCElucid) 🇬🇧

-3rd-Vision Dj-Set (Extraterrecords) 🇧🇷

-Sychodeliz Dj-Set (Extraterrecords) 🇧🇷

-Onze-Onze Dj-Set (Extraterrecords) 🇧🇷

-Consciousness Dj-Set (Extraterrecords) 🇧🇷
Hi Earthlings 👽🖖🏼

You are welcome to join the next Extraterrecords free party there will be loads of the best Psy-Trance in a Secret forest
Feel free to come and joing our Sunday afternoon and chill with friends 🕉

To this 1st edition we have the pleasure to present all of ours Extraterrestrials and some of our friends from The Psy Family Productions (Switzerland) with some of the best Acts and Dj-sets in town 🎡

*** 7k Powered by: TurboSound ***

We will shared the address on Saturday night, so keep one eye on this page and invite all your friends to this Sunday gathering.

Feel free to bring drinks and snacks. 👽

See you all on the SunTrance-FloOr 💨🚀
Secret Location
Entry fee
Entry fee
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