Sunday Dance ~ December Dance Ritual 2012 ~

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Party flyer: Sunday Dance ~ December Dance Ritual 2012 ~ 8 Dec '12, 22:00
Party flyer: Sunday Dance ~ December Dance Ritual 2012 ~ 8 Dec '12, 22:00
~Dezember Dance Ritual 2012 ~

Your familiar Goa Trance, dance & art activities in December
>hosted and prepared by Sunday Dance Friends & Oranke Orange Team

We proudly Presents:

~LIQUID SPACE~ [] soundcloud youtube
(Prog on Syndicate Rec./ Nightbase Music CH) First Time in Berlin/ live

~LIGHTROCKER & LUKAS JANU~ [] [] [] youtube
(Spiritual Healing Rec.) Trance with Violin live + dj set

~LUKAS JANU & TONEE JUKEBOXX ~ soundcloud soundcloud youtube
(Spiritual Healing Rec.) live

~D-SUNRISE~ [] soundcloud soundcloud
(Spiritual Healing Rec. / Sunday Dance) dj set

~SKARAMANGA~ [] soundcloud
(Psy Vision) dj set

~NESJAJA~ [] soundcloud
(Avatar Rec. / Chromanova. FM) dj set

~TRUPPENPILZ~ [] soundcloud
(PSR Music) dj set

~CRYSIS~ [] soundcloud
(Delicatek Tribe/ Schweiz) dj set

~DNK~ soundcloud
(Space Voyage Projekt) dj set

~PUREHARRY~ [] soundcloud
(Spiritual Healing Rec./ Sunday Dance) live guitar

~SUN SOURCE PROJEKT~ [] soundcloud
(SunSource Records) live

(Spiritual Healing Rec.) live + djset

~SAKE~ [] soundcloud
(Chromanova. FM/ Y.S.E. Records.) djset

~PROSONIC aka CANDYFLIP~ soundcloud
(DJ & Record Producer) NEWCOMER / dj set

~NAYANA SHE~ [] soundcloud
(PSR Musik) dj set
~Augenschmaus Dekoration & Friends ~ []
~Celtic Circle Art Dekoration~ []
~Anna & Bommel/ Farbverlauf Dekoration~
~Psychedelic Dreamteam Dekoration~ []
~Dreamlandconnection Dekoration~ []
~B-Painted - PimalDaumen Kollektiv Berlin~ blacklight face- & bodypainting []
~Sun Source Projekt~ (VJ/ beamer visualization) youtube
~Sunday Dance Style~ evo projektion/ light visualization
~Oranke Orange Club Arts/ location, beautiful atmosphere~
2 Dance Floors, Big Chill Space, Cocktailbar, Chai Shop and much more :)
+Faire Getränkepreise> Club-Mate, Club Cola, Bionade usw werden zusätzlich im Programm angeboten!



22.00- 01.00 Uhr ~MASTER π & MICO MAGIC VIOLIN~ live
01.00- 03.00 Uhr ~SUN SOURCE PROJEKT~ live
03.00- 05.00 Uhr ~D-SUNRISE & NESJAJA~ dj set
05.00- 07.00 Uhr ~CRYSIS~ dj set
07.00- 09.00 Uhr ~TRUPPENPILZ~ dj set
09.00- 11.00 Uhr ~CANDYFLIP~ dj set

***Moon Area***

22.00- 00.30 Uhr ~PUREHARRY~ live
00.30- 02.30 Uhr ~SKARAMANGA~ dj set
02.30- 04.00 Uhr ~LIQUID SPACE~ live
04.00- 06.00 Uhr ~LIGHTROCKER & LUKAS JANU~ live
06.00- 08.00 Uhr ~NAYANA SHE~ dj set
08.00- 10.00 Uhr ~SAKE~ dj set
10.00- 12.00 Uhr ~DNK~ dj set

***Chill Space***

22.00- 02.00 Uhr ~blacklight face- & bodypainting~

Chai & Food by Susanne ~Feuerküche~

,,,,ein familiäres Fest der Sinne mit einigen Überraschungen wartet auf Euch :)
Karl-Marx-Allee 93 > Eingang ist am Weidenweg!
10243 Berlin- Friedrichshain

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