Party Reports · Sun Department Records Label Night · 19 Oct 2019 · Hamburg (Germany)

Sun Department Records Label Night

· Over: 3y 3m

Reports / Feedback

3y 3m
The good ---- >

The party was cool . The deko on the main floor was very good = No deko und floodlight overkill ...... but still to much UV .

The crowd was good . No stress and lots of happy smiling dancing people .

The location and security were good ...... as usual . This time the whole location was open so there was enough room for everyone .

There was no break trance but every time a DJ got a good beat going he cut it off after a few minutes ...... and we had to listen to a few minutes of ' sounds ' untill the beat started again .

The ' bad ' ---- >

People with dildophones that didnt dance and just hung around taking pictures of people ...... and posting them on facefuck .

Sugestion ...... Make a party around a drum machine / a stabil beat ? = The organisers decide a BPM that is continual = The only time it stops is when the party is over ...... And the DJs mix their sounds into it = The crowd has the chance to dance themselves into trance ....... and doesnt have to keep wandering from floor to floor all night trying to find dance music .