Springer Sanctum - Annual Tree Planting Ceremony

Line Up
DARK WHISPER (alice-d records) - Italy !!!!! 5 hours live !!!!!

KINDZADZA (osom music) -Russia !!!!! 5 hours live !!!!!

LUCID DREAMS " allstarZ " (Austria)

VARÁZSLÓ (anomalistic crew) - Hungary
It's been 5 years since we organised our first party in Budapest. Since that, many things have changed and our vision about organization and life has taken different directions. Material needs are fading, more importantly we feel the urge to help each other and our home, planet Earth. Due to this , our 5 years anniversary will be a new milestone and a step in a new direction for daBudapest Friends events. We would like to create a sustainable annual charity event. All of the profit made during the event will be donated to the kingdom of Bhutan, where orphaned children will be supported from this money. Bhutan being the only country in the world using GNH (Gross National Hapiness) instead of GDP to measure the success of their country and society deserves all the support they can get in order to keep this positive and unique way of thinking alive. Not only that but it is written in their constitution that 60% of the country's surface must forever be covered by forest. This way of thinking deserves support by our mesaures as well. Additionally, we will continue our own tree planting project and everybody with a ticket to the event will receive a young tree that can be planted near the location of this event.

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