Spring Equinox. · 20 Mar 2010 · Hongdae, Seoul (Korea (South))

Spring Equinox.

· Over: 12y 10m
MUKAI aka ACTIVIA(ElectroNyx/JP), Taruho, Felipe, Saintwitch, Dalai Trauma, Yul

MUKAI is the leader of ElectroNyx. His Dj career started since he was 15 around Kansai area, after the great experience in Japan, he played in various places such as many Europe countries, USA, main long-standing clubs, and so many places as ACID JAZZ/ BRAZILIAN JAZZ DJ. His DJ activity is voluntarily discontinued at 20 years old though he was praised as a great DJ. Afterward, He was interested in Psychedelic Trance music, and he started his DJ activity again when he was 22 as Psychedelic Trance DJ.Afterward, his activity expanded, he played a lot in many places, such as Korea, Thai, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Russia, and mainly around Osaka Japan, with various famous international DJs and even with eminent DJs/artists of different genre. Now, he is expanding his business, exploiting the connection with foreign countries, and he is acting for a new invitation of the sound and the artists, and he is contributing for activation of domestic and foreign club scene. Lately, He is supporting Vision Quest Korean tour, coordinating domestic DJs of the gathering 2008 (Vision Quest), supervising NAGISA MUSIC FESTIVAL ([nagisamusicfestival.jp] in Osaka from 2007, organizing big parties like BORDER COMMUNITY label party, we love music, B PITCH CONTROL JAPAN TOUR, and more…

As his own outside business besides DJ, the LIVE activity as a member of “ACTIVIA” by Mukai, FUJIMO(vocal), and NOGERA(Shpongle/England)
PsyTraveller deco project

PsyTraveller deco project making a stretch-a-holic deco and wallhanging UV banners always diffrent style with Psy travellers all members .some of artist from USA , Colombia , South Africa we can work on different scale and South africa team they are have been decorating parties for up to 100 participants there ready to show up very flexible with a string-a-holic partner roto-visage and PsyTraveller deco project in Korea

- VJ
k -109
1 .PAINT ART at the front ( Face and Body )

2 .Happy Hour : 12pm - 1 am : buy 1 get 2 shooter

3. VJ live show of paradise

4. Discount price Bottle Tequila / Vodka
Bottle Tequila / Vodka

More Info : 010-4813-8680
Entry fee
Entry fee
before 12am 10000 w (1 drink)
after 12am 15000 w (1 drink)
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