***SOLSTICE*** the psychedelic gatherer

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The Psychedelic Gatherer...
Camping and terrain closing monday 17:00 .
Hoop gathering with workshops on friday!.
To celebrate the depth of summer,SOLSTICE 2012...
The psychedelic gatherer,as always,taking place at the village of Ruigoord,situated at the very edge of Amsterdams western industrial expansions..
Entry fee
Presale has started on the Trance Orient Express and the Ruigoord website for 32,50
Presale 30,- in town at the following coffeeshops: De Supermarkt. Fredrik-Hendrikstraat 69 Amsterdam. Siberie .Brouwersgracht 11 Amsterdam.Starting the 5th of May
Entry fee at the village will be 40,-eu,starting Saturday 16 June 12:00...
Trance Orient Express
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