Snowflake Dance

Open Air / 3
Snowflake Dance 14 Mar '09, 15:00
Party flyer: Snowflake Dance 14 Mar '09, 15:00
Line Up
Rastaliens ( Glowing Flame Ch/De) []

Digicult ( Dacru rec. Belgien) []

Nitro ( Dooflex rec. Israel) []

Gil Dagan ( Israel)

Sensual Squeak ( Woodroom rec. Schweiz) []

Chili und Schote ( Schweiz )

Tschernobyllies ( Painthouse rec. Schweiz) []

Bitpulse ( Headroom rec. De)
Rasta Aliens ( Glowing Flame Ch/De)

Digicult ( Dacru rec. Belgien)

Dj ShaMane / BitPulse ( Headroom rec. De) [click here]

Unknown Reality ( Glowing Flame / Nierica Ch/De)

Urban Tribe ( DMT Schweiz )

Balumba ( Psyclopetribe Schweiz )

Tsunamix ( Mythos Schweiz )

Gwendolau ( Schweiz )

Cycle Cube ( Nada Brahma Schweiz )
Deco by:
Silver Star Decoteam, 3D-Renato, Nada Brahma, Terraforces, Massala

light and laser by:

powerfull 30`000 w 5.1 soundsystem by:
Fullkick PA

live visuals by:
Bildstö (PCT)
warmly heated restaurant and bar / good food available, free breakfeast & free water
heated indoor chillout area

chai & cake by Massala

Little Bombay-shop by Simon CD-shop

entry only over 18 years of age and wear very warm clothes (outdoor snowparty)
Panorama view

please safe nature and yourself
peace love and hippiness
thanks to you and to all helpers & friends
by car: Luzern A4 till Arth Goldau SZ / direction Arth Goldau - Chräbel/cableway
by train: shuttle from Goldau SZ
It’s recommended to arrive before the party beginns (little cableway) as there is a remarkable view over the mountains
Entry fee
Entry fee
Entry till 8pm 45.-Sfr. with cableway
Later 50.- Sfr. with cableway
peace love and hippiness / Fullkick PA
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