Party Reports · Simsalabim // Open Air / Indoor Gathering / Progressive & Psychedelic Trance · 17 May 2023 · Essen (Germany)

Simsalabim // Open Air / Indoor Gathering / Progressive & Psychedelic Trance

In- & Outdoor
· Over: 10d 11h

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9d 5h
Thanks a lot for the invitation. It was a pleasure to experience Essen for the first time. Great party, big thanks to every contributor! I love the warmth of the people in this (former) worker hotspot. It was not that kind of reunion as I expected, but one should never underestimate the rifts in our society and the energy needed to jump over. Very sorry for not succeeding in this and thus falling in cracks at the end of the party regularly. It's interesting to see how the professionalisation comes along together with some problematic basic thought-patterns that are reinforced this way instead of transcended. We can't train self-responsibility if a security is everywhere in sight on place. It was the very first time I ever was asked for an ID on a party. The frequencies of Each One teach One and One Love One Power are very hard to generate under these circumstances. The early and abrupt closing of the location symbolized very well the super harsh contrasts of society and the utopia we live on the dancefloor. I was lucky to finally chill with some crazy guys in Köln at the Main-promenade during the day. They had been at a speedcore party, two dutch noise producers of "borderliners zonder grenzen". Very nice, super open and friendly punks, but I would have loved to chill with you.
From my garden I know seeds don't like large cracks in the soil. Too much danger of getting buried to deep, of not getting enough light. I think our dancing ground became much more reliant and smooth with the hightec wave, but 10 years ago this still was different. And you know: We build the future together in our minds when our consciousness unites. It is not that important where the seeds fall, as long as the soil is fertile and the garden fenced. For me it's fine to not have to care that much anymore. I love permaculture and the philosophy of doing by not-doing anyway. Although it's quite a demanding task to rearrange the Ego for a new role. Found good soil here, although ofcourse also contaminated with the omnipresent toxicity.
I was inspired to come by Annelis set @Hai in den Mai. I hope she gets notice of this. It touched my heart with a need for contact. I really appreciate your DJ Skills and even more your fascinating mind talk. Your craziness reminds me of myself. Went you on last weekend? The birds sang. Quite brave to express this in your music. Was the energy shower fine for you? You know, I don't play and still loads of fundamental information to share. And not much time left. Still enough. Let's meet!
BTW, always worth a visit my area. Central in germany, loads of cherries, plenty affordable rooms in summertime, beautiful views.
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10d 8h
Wunderbare Location im Herzen von Essen - zu Fuß 20 Minuten zum HBF. In- (Psytrance, Proggy) and Outdoor-Floor (Techno). Sehr gut besucht, meist entspannte Partybesucher. Deko (s. u. hochgeladene Bilder) auch empfehelndwert. Line up mit langjährigen "Grundsteinen der Szene" - gute line-up Reihenfolge. Sehr empfehelenswerte Party, die wieer mal richtig Lust auf Mehr gemacht hat! Danke an das V.I.B.E.Z. Team und alle anderen, die die Party zu dem gemacht haben, was sie war. TOP Veransdtaltung.