Silver Lake Festival 2018

Silver Lake Festival 2018 16 Aug '18, 19:30
Party flyer: Silver Lake Festival 2018 16 Aug '18, 19:30
Line Up
Good vibes, tolerance and understanding of nature. We are back in 2018 with more fresh ideas.

special guest: WISHI / Live [Russia] [World People Production]

Main Stage:

Alagos / Lord Of Andromeda / Live [Łódź]
Art B [Precepcja/WDobrymRytmie,Tarnów]
Axell Astrid [Reson8 Music / Goa Records]
Cicko [CZ]
Clas6 [PsyWest Crew]
CO [Kraków]
Cybernetixx [CZ] [Silver Lake Festival]
Djane Anais [Mantara, Warszawa]
Docent [Wrocław]
Epix [Pulsar TranceFormation]
Explosis [Mantara, Warszawa]
Fiszu [PsyWest Crew]
Fonzey [We Are Aliens]
Graphic [SynaPsy, Poznań]
Haivico / Live [Kraków]
Hermetic / Live [Luk-Si Records] [CZ]
Invoker [Kraków]
Jorgos Petrovski [FIN]
Mescal [We Are Aliens]
New Mice [Wrocław]
Nolax Live [AT]
Ophir [Wrocław]
Pixi Elf [Wrocław]
Proxima Centauri [Katowice]
Psychotrop / Live [Poznań]
Psylex [UK]
Psysutra [Neogoa Records, Katowice, 10th Anniversary Tour]
Satanic Electro / Live [Warszawa]
Slavic Shaman / Live
Shroomi [FIN]
Technik 303 [Wrocław]
TheM [Szczecin]

Chill Stage:
Al-Lad [Wrocław]
Antek [Burning Man, Kraków]
Art B [Percepcja / Lazy Beats Tarnów]
Axell Astrid [Reson8 Music / Goa Records]
DNL [Eyeseed, Bielsko - Biała]
Fonzey [We Are Aliens, Nowy Sącz]
Invoker [Kraków]
Jorgos Petrovski [FIN]
KTM [NewMoon, Katowice]
Martinii [Prepar, Katowice]
MalinaPsy [Police]
Mescal [We Are Aliens]
Moony [Poznań]
NBSE [Warszawa]
Ophir [Wrocław]
Panda On The Bamboo Tree / Live [Uxmal Records]
Pocachontas [Katowice]
Project 522 / Live [Warszawa]
Shroomi [FIN]
Technik 303 [Wrocław]
Temple Of Dakini / Live [Warszawa]

4 days tickets: 100 PLN / 22 € / 600 CZK
children (below 14) free of charge


reviews 2017:

"I've attend trance partys from almost every country in Europe but after two days I'm still two steps above the clouds and trying to find the words to describe this magical moments from the weekend."

"Very nice week-end in a nice environment with nice people full of love and nice music"

"We have never been on a festival were was soo much good amazing spirit..everbody was laughing and happy.. I think i talk for everbody that there was realy a amazing spirit from the people....this place is realy magical"

"Było pięknie! Wielkie dzięki za klimat, muzykę, różnorodność, piękne dekoracje i przede wszystkim za ogrom pozytywnej energii Jesteście zaje*iści, ludzie. "
TBA (open for booking)
Jezioro Srebrne w Osowcu
46-023 Osowiec Slaski
Entry fee
Entry fee
~ 20 / 25 € weekend
We Are Aliens: Silver Lake Festival
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