ShAntiGravity PB // Island Beachfront

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Open Air
ShAntiGravity PB // Island Beachfront 28 Feb '20, 18:00
Party flyer: ShAntiGravity PB // Island Beachfront 28 Feb '20, 18:00
Line Up
ABYSS OOZE // Dark Prisma Rec
( Argentina )


ARJUNA // Parvati Records
( Italy ) soundcloud

AUDIOSPAZM // Wepon Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

AXIAL TILT // Loony Moon Rec
(Brazil) soundcloud

BUMBLE // Planti/ Merkaba music
( Australia ) soundcloud

EKTOMORPH // vantara vichitra Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

( Majistan ) soundcloud

HUMANOID // X7M records
( Australia ) soundcloud

LEGACY // No Qualms Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

LIKESOMOKE // Nutriadance Records
( Lituania & Italy )[]

LOVA // Nutriadance Records
( Italy ) soundcloud

MAIKO // Anomalistic Records/Nutriadance Records
( Lituania )[]

MAX VON // Regrowth Festival

aka BUMBLE brand new techno project!!!

ODDRAPOD // Modgoblin Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

PRISMA // Dark Prisma
( Argentina ) soundcloud

SHADOW FX // Wepon Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

SYCHOTRIA // Ayauma Records
( Brazil ) soundcloud

TEKDIFFEYE // Universal Tribe Records ( Australia ) soundcloud

TETRAMETH // Wepon Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

TWISTED SIBLING // Wepon Records
( Australia ) soundcloud

XPIRAL // Mosaico Records
(Brazil) soundcloud

PB Radio DJs

*Garen // PB Radio - Ters Music soundcloud
*Pack // PB Radio - Crystal Kid soundcloud
*Hydramorph // PB Radio soundcloud
*Rn2 // PB Radio soundcloud
*Zhannet // PB Radio - Looney moon soundcloud
*Max Sidorov // PB Radio soundcloud
*Gai // PB Radio soundcloud
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Decor/Visuals/Stage by
Positive Beats Project // PB Radio Present..

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AntiGravity Events - Australia
Positive Beats Project - Cambodia

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Platypus Dreaming Collective

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Living Australian Opal[][]

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Positive Beats Project
Platypus Dreaming Collective

🔱 ShantiGravity 2020 🔱 3 days 2 nights + after party 1 more night !

Held on one of the last tropical paradise beachfront Koh-Rong Island / Cambodia.. Island is located only 1 hour from Sihanoukville international airport to Police Beach/ Koh Rong Island community that embraces festival and rave culture.. It is fully safe private location to embrace yourself !!!

Police Beach is a private beach located on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia. It is designed as a beachfront area which is also surrounded by tropical jungle. PB Radio has their own bungalows for accommodation if you like to stay just next to beach and we will have free camp space for tents on the beach as well and island offer many beach front accommodation between $5 to $100 and 10 to 20 minute walking distance the stage!!! shanti planti island vibe to alternative people to embrace themselves.. for more info pls message!!!

Pls bring your own water bottle! Plastic Free!!! No plastic bottle!!!

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Island on which we work and live. Recognise their continuing connection to the land, water also extend our thanks and respect to the entire Island community whose support and goodwill make this event possible.We pay respect to our Elders past, present and emerging.

DIRECTIONS: Arriving at KohRong Island from international airport Silkhanoukville!!!

*There will be a ground team awaiting you at the Silkhanoukville International Airport ready to take you via taxi service ($5 pp shared travel, $15 arriving solo) to Serendipity Pier (approximately 25 minutes car journey).

*When you arrive at the Serendipity Pier, catch the fast boat trip (30 minutes) to Koh Touch Village, Koh Rong Island (Police Beach). It is approximately $17.50 (one way) or $20 return. Drivers will help to purchase boat tickets..

All up the journey takes one hour!
let's have a blast...
Entry fee
Entry fee
usd $50 to $70
AntiGravity Event - Australia // Positive Beats Project - Cambodia

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