Shanti_Carnival Party · 1 Mar 2014 · Rome (Italy)

Shanti_Carnival Party

· Over: 8y 10m
Tommy Pixan [ Pixan Recordings ] +
Deco by + Kλαυδια & the FSF Visual Ensemble

>> Z€ro N€uri Anti Crisis Social Price <<
Mettiamo a disposizione 15 ingressi completamente gratuiti per i nostri fratelli e sorelle che hanno una voglio matta di partecipare al nostro RITUALE DI GUARIGIONE COLLETTIVA pur avendo Z€ro N€uri in tasca (la tessera però la dovete già avere). Per mettervi in lista potete scrivere a dalle 15.00 alle 16.00 del Venerdi precedente all'evento. I nominativi accettati riceveranno una email di conferma da stampare e consegnare all'ingresso.
E' un iniziativa di responsabilità individuale, chiedere di entrare in questa lista non avendone realmente motivo toglie la possibilità a chi invece ne avrebbe diritto di entrarci. MI RACCOMANDO !!!!

!!! ATTENZIONE !!! Le liste chiudono alle 01.00, quindi anche se avete ricevuto la mail di conferma ma venite dopo l'una, non potrete usufruire del socialprice.

>>TOMMY PIXAN [ Pixan Recordings ] IBIZA/IT


Tommi is the founder of Pixan recordings, born in Rome in 1975, he grew up in an environment influenced by the music. Tommi dedicated his time playing the piano since his early days and experimenting as a keyboard player in various bands, from gothic punk to electro pop. Later he established along with other members the first Roman Psy-trance crew: the ‘Retinal Fremen’ and organized many underground parties between Rome and Ibiza. In 1999 he moved to Amsterdam and started his career as a DJ. His revolutionary journey which mirrored his approach of life brought him to form in 2005, Pixan Recordings.

Tommi paved his way by playing and spinning his tunes around the world with his superior music taste and eclectic style that are finding a fine balance between night and day. He has established himself as a unique DJ by his captivating performances that leave a footprint! Tommi’s sets are well-known for their deep powerful style and careful selection of the best, newest and most well produced tracks mixed in a diverse style and attitude approach that electrify even the most demanding of crowds.
He has that special ingredient to open up new doors for the listener by melting elements- from full-on to dark tunes along with tunnelling, dreamy and twisted ingredients.Tommi is literally kicking asses behind the decks, something that lead him perform along with some of the most well respected artists and list numerous highlight events.

Tommi is characterized by his unique vision sounds, experimental grooves, sonic tunes and edgy stomping melodies that bring to crowd amazing energy and psychedelic aura for unforgettable music voyages.....


TOMMY PIXAN [ Pixan Recordings ] IBIZA
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