Shanti: opening party · 21 Sep 2019 · roma (Italy)

Party Flyer Shanti: opening party 21 Sep '19, 22:30
Party Flyer Shanti: opening party 21 Sep '19, 22:30
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ॐ Śhānti! Opening party
Dopo una fantastica estate passata nei dancefloor di mezza Europa, ripartiamo alla grande dallo stesso posto in cui abbiamo chiuso. Saremo ancora una volta ospiti del magnifico del TAG (Tevere Art Gallery), location suggestiva, sulle sponde del Tevere dotata di un ampio e confortevole spazio esterno. Festeggeremo l’equinozio di autunno, all'insegna del benessere Psycofisico e dell'empatia, accomunati dalla passione per la buona musica!
Inizio alle 22.30 a base di ambient…poi si sale!
Venite presto per evitare file e godere pienamente questo evento!

Psy your life!
Psychedelically Yours,
Free Spirit Foundation

ॐ DANCE FLOOR: Psytrance & Chill Out ॐ

**INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE [FreeSpiritFoundation]**

**IMHO [OM Ganesh Pro]**

**KYNETHIC [24/7 records]**

**PSYKYA[Vantara Vichitra/Banyan/Milega Rec.]**

**YPNOTIKA [Sonica recording]**



ENTRY FEE : soon


NEW LOCATION con ampio spazio esterno.
Facile da raggiungere, vicina alla metro e con parcheggio easy!
Dance Floor 💣💣🎼
Garden ☘️🎍🌷
Art Gallery🎨🎭🤹🏻♀️

TAG Tevere Art gallery
Via di Santa Passera, 25 Roma (Zona San Paolo/Marconi)
Associazione Culturale
Via di Santa Passera, 25
00146 - Roma
06 5561290

Free Spirit Foundation (FSF) is one of the most respected and loved Italian psytrance organizations. It was born in 2006 when a group of close friends decided to start throwing their own parties in the sunny beaches of Rome. Over the time it has built strong connections with several visionary musicians and decorators. After more than 150 parties, FSF has become a benchmark in the psytrance Italian community due to the very fine quality of its productions. “Śhānti”, the Roman legendary monthly psytrance party, is known all over the world for being a mind-blowing psychedelic experience, the ultimate combination of music and visuals! FSF still continues spreading worldwide the psychedelic culture, hosting the most appreciated international live acts and pushing its talented djs on the most important international dancefloors. FSF is also deeply involved in the management of the We Are One Festival (WAO), the biggest Italian psytrance summer gathering.

If you want to know more about the FSF project or if you want to propose your art/music/performance contact us on facebook.

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